Accreditation process


content-06To achieve Clubmark status, your Club will be accredited by either the National Governing body for its sport (NGB) or by the County Sports Partnership (CSP) operating in its geographic area. Your club will be recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages when Clubmark status is achieved.

It is important to understand whether your NGB has a Sport Specific Accreditation, click here to check or speak to your local development officer for more information.

Club Matters can also offer your Club support through the process.

Before you begin ask yourself:

Where are we now?

Take time to explore the Clubmark criteria. This will help you to get an understanding of what you already do and is needed to be developed to gain accreditation. One of the benefits of Clubmark is that it is an excellent club development tool. Take advantage of the Club Matters resources such as the Club Improvement Tool to support you and help you make the most of the Clubmark journey.

Who will be responsible for the Clubmark process?

Although it helps to have one person leading on the organisation of your Clubmark accreditation it is important that the whole club is involved. Make sure the committee and Club members are aware of what has been achieved. A key part of the accreditation is ensuring the whole club is a part of the development planning. Working together your Club will achieve more.

As the Clubmark application will be done online, it is important that at least one of your committee members has a Club Matters account, as one person will need to be responsible for submitting this online.

How will we promote our Clubmark status?

Whether you are becoming accredited for the first time or you have held accreditation for several years it is something to celebrate and share with your members, potential members and your community. It shows you are a Club with quality standards of welfare, equity, coaching and management.

On completion of your Clubmark accreditation you will be able to download top tips for making the most of your Clubmark status. Visit the Club Matters Marketing area for lots more support and help with your Club promotion.

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