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About Clubmark

  • Clubmark is Sport England’s national accreditation scheme for high quality community sports Clubs
  • The integration to Club Matters gives Clubs access to support and information when working towards the accreditation, including tools, templates, online modules and workshops. Clubs also complete the accreditation process via the Clubmark online portal accessed through the Club Matters website

Who is eligible for Clubmark?

  • All Clubs that are affiliated to a Sport England recognised sport can gain Clubmark accreditation. See a list of recognised sports here.

Who accredits Clubmark?

  • You will be assessed online and through a site visit carried out by you assessor from either your National Governing Body (NGB) or County Sports Partnership (CSP)
  • All organisations involved in accrediting Clubmark Clubs are subject to a licensing process and all assessors will have been through a Clubmark assessor training programme

Why should my Club apply for accreditation?

  • Clubmark provides recognition for high quality Clubs
  • Clubmark is an important Club development tool and provides a solid foundation for all Clubs wishing to grow
  • Parents can be assured that their children belong to a safer Club
  • Members can be sure their Club is a well managed Club, striving to offer the best in coaching and sports development
  • By striving to achieve higher standards Clubs are likely to attract more members and build a sustainable future

How can my Club apply for Clubmark?

    • If you are interested in starting the Clubmark online accreditation process, then simply submit your expression of interest form and start your Clubmark journey

Start my Clubmark Accreditation online

What does working towards Clubmark accreditation involve?

  • In working towards Clubmark accreditation, Clubs will complete online questions about practice within their Club and submit some evidence in support of this e.g. uploading a safeguarding and welfare policy, their Clubs playing programme
  • This evidence is uploaded onto the online portal. A site visit will also be conducted in which your assessor will visit your Club to fully understand your clubs practices. Following your site visit, as part of your accreditation, your Club will agree Club development goals for the year ahead
  • Download the Clubmark Criteria or explore the criteria pages for more information
  • Club Matters provides lots of information that can help you through the process

Who assesses Clubs for Clubmark, and how is this process quality assured?

  • Clubs are assessed by trained Clubmark assessors from their NGB/CSP
  • Each licensed NGB/CSP is licensed by Sport England to accredit Clubmark
  • Sport England will manage the External Verification process for Clubmark

How long does Clubmark accreditation last?

  • Clubmark accreditation lasts for two years, and at the end of the first year, Clubs will be invited to update the information on the online portal and assess their progress against their Clubmark development goals
  • Many NGBs have their own Sport Specific Accreditation, and these accreditations can last between 1-4 years. Contact your NGB for more information

What is External Verification?

  • External Verification is an integral part of the Clubmark quality assurance process. This is managed by the Clubmark managing agent
  • This process is essential to maintaining a high quality, standardised accreditation scheme for sports Clubs
  • Most Clubs find the process allows them to showcase the good practice they do on a daily basis

Why has my Club been selected for External Verification?

  • Clubs are selected through a cross sample of all regions and sports

How do I know which clubs have Clubmark? How can I find a Clubmark Club near me?

  • The Club Matters website holds records of all Clubmark accredited Clubs across the country. To find a Clubmark accredited Club, click here.
  • Look out for the Clubmark logo - all accredited Clubs are presented with a certificate to display and use the logo on websites, signage and letterheads etc.
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