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Club Matters understands that sometimes you just need to speak to someone to sound out your ideas or to find out how others would approach a particular issue you are facing. That is why we provide mentors; sports loving, business minded individuals who can help you work through your club challenge, no matter how big or small.

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How can a mentor help me?

Our mentors are they are there to provide you with support and encouragement to help you reach your goals. They all have a professional business background and have a broad range of skills and experience to help you tackle the challenges your club is facing. They can support you with general business guidance, offer an alternative perspective through sharing their own ideas and experiences, and help you to think through your requirements by acting as a sounding board. Below are just a few examples of how our mentors are currently supporting clubs:


MentoringHutton FC have been working with their mentor Alex to prepare them for purchasing their own ground. Read more about how Club Matters is helping them here.


MentoringDartford Orienteering Club have been working with their mentor to help them focus on a small number of new initiatives to help them grow their membership. Their mentor, David, helped bring some fresh ideas which has seen their membership base increase more over a three month period than in the last two years. Hear what Andrew, Club Chairman, thought about his experience here.


Mentoring James has been mentoring a cricket club in Newcastle for 3 months. They are looking at how the club can generate more funds and manage their money better, as well as exploring future ideas such as the club thinking of partnering with a local running club to increase use of their clubhouse facilities.


Mentoring Josie has been mentoring a swimming Club in Aylesbury for 6 months. She has acted as a sounding board to the club Chairman, whilst supporting the wider committee in their discussions on developing a club development plan.


Whilst we aim to support clubs as much as possible, please note that a mentor cannot give you technical or professional advice and will not be responsible for making decisions on your behalf.

What will be expected from me?

We understand that as someone who is involved in running your club you are likely to be very busy and in need of some support. In order to have a valuable and beneficial mentoring relationship, it is important that you and the club can dedicate the required time and effort to working with the mentor and are committed to your long term development.

We ask that all clubs who are receiving mentoring complete the Club Improvement Tool. This will not only help you think about how the club is currently performing and prioritise where you want to develop, but will also help the mentor fully understand your club and your goals.

We are currently reviewing the mentoring process to help maximise its benefits. Please submit your email address below to register your interest and we will update you once the review is complete.


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