Club Matters Workshops

Club Matters workshops are short training sessions, funded by Sport England and delivered across the country by Club Matters facilitators in a range of specific topics. The sessions will develop your skills, improve your knowledge and ultimately help you develop your club. They are for groups of at least 4 clubs and build upon the content of the online resources, but also include case studies, topical issues, exercises and a discussion section. 



The workshops typically last approximately 2 hours and like all Club Matters support, workshops are open to anyone involved with a community sports club. The topics covered will mostly be relevant to those who have responsibility for, or involvement in running their club, either now or in the future. We encourage more than one person from a club to attend so that knowledge and business skills can be shared within their club.

The current topics include:
Club Structures

Club Structures

Understanding the Options for Club Structures - Building your club for success

It is important that sports clubs take the time to explore different club structures. By attending this workshop you will gain an understanding of what structure is right for your club to enable success and stability.

This workshop covers:
  • The importance of your club structure
  • An overview of different legal structures
  • Top tips for becoming incorporated
  • Selecting the best status for your club, including CASC, charities and CIO’s
  • Getting to grips with gift aid
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Developing a Marketing Strategy - Reach out & attract with impact

With so many marketing options out there it can leave you in a muddle. This workshop will guide you through the marketing minefield and help you attract new members, raise funds or enhance your club’s profile. Launch your marketing mission today.

This workshop covers:
  • Shaping up your marketing strategy- what to consider
  • Fit to follow framework - to develop your club’s strategy
  • Methods to motivate - considering different marketing options
  • Evaluating your efforts - focus your energy effectively


Business Planning

Business Planning

Developing a Business Plan - Securing a brighter future

Do you have a dream for your club but struggle to make progress? This workshop will help you put together a simple yet effective business plan for your club to help you plan a brighter future and take real steps to reach your goals. Stop dreaming, start doing.

This workshop covers:
  • What a business plan can do for your club
  • Key players in developing a business plan
  • A simple framework to support your planning
  • Top tips of what to include in your plan and common pitfalls to watch out for
Participant Experience

Participant Experience

Participant Experience – How to give your club members and customers a great experience

The world is changing, how do you ensure your club is chosen over all the other opportunities that are competing for people’s leisure time? By making it a place people want to keep on coming back to. To do this you need to understand what existing and potential members want from your club and deliver a great experience to them. This workshop explores how you can do this.

This workshop covers:
  • Why delivering a great experience for in your club is important
  • How to listen to and respond to the needs of the people in your club and potential members
  • How to consistently deliver a great club experience
Volunteer Experience

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer Experience – giving your club volunteers a great experience

Clubs often find themselves short of volunteers, they way that people volunteer and the time they have to give is not the same as it used to be. Ensuring volunteers feel recognised, rewarded and part of the team is essential.

This workshop covers:
  • Develop a positive culture of volunteering within a club environment
  • Identify how to develop the volunteer’s experience by assessing the value of club volunteer
  • Develop the volunteer experience by identifying top tips in recruiting, retaining and rewarding new and existing volunteers
  • Develop an action plan to improve the volunteer experience within a Sports club environment
  • Where to find out more information to help improve the volunteer experience

Club Leadership Teams

Club Leadership Teams

This workshop identifies and supports effective running of a clubs main committee and board, and highlights the importance of recruiting the right people for the right roles. The workshop covers: Reviewing your current leadership club structure, Identifying the key components of an excellent leadership team of a sports club, Identifying how to achieve an excellent leadership team for your club.

What clubs have said about workshops:


Great workshop which will help us to look to the future and provide long term stability and growth for generations.”


Very interesting and informative session. Really made us think about the best way forward for our club and consider the different options open to us.”


Very thought provoking. I will be meeting with my committee to review this information ASAP.”

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