Club People

Being Consistently Brilliant


Put your Club People at the heart of what you do to keep delivering a brilliant experience.


Creating a welcoming environment starts by promoting the right culture in your club - one that encourages all members to adopt an inclusive and friendly approach to sport. Your clubs ethos, policies and procedures and practices should all support this.

The below video will help you think about what you can do at your club to keep being brilliant and delivering a great club experience time after time.

Think about: Does everyone involved in running your club know what a great club experience looks like? Is this delivered consistently? Do you continue to check back in with your members and volunteers?

It is often hard to judge the impression your club gives from the inside and appreciate what new people experience, so remember to ask for feedback. You can also use the Club Views feedback tool to ask your members what they think of the club in a safe and secure way. Listening to the views of your members will help make sure your club continues to be an open, welcoming and brilliant club.

Now you understand more about the experience your club provides and how you could make it even better, download our action plan template to help you put this into practice at your club.


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