Club People



Without the time, energy and commitment of volunteers, grassroots sport would not happen.

Whether these people organise a group of friends to go cycling once a week, coach a netball team, run a badminton club or serve the teas at their local cricket club – volunteers make sport happen.

If your club relies on volunteers then you will need to think about how you find, keep and develop your volunteers.

There can be more to this than you may think.  You will need to think about questions, including:
  • What do we need volunteers for?
  • What skills and experience do we need?
  • What motivates our volunteers?
  • How do we recognise our volunteers?

Managing your volunteers, inspiring them in their roles and supporting them are all important if you want to sustain their interest and involvement in your club.

Use the buttons below to access the Club Matters support on volunteers. Sport England also has a dedicated volunteering questions and answers guide available.