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Name: David
Team: Essex Arrows Baseball Club
Sport: Baseball

Hi David, it’s great to meet you and chat about what you think of the new Club Matters funding guidance. Is funding a topic close to your heart?

Absolutely, as an amateur club trying to make its way in the big wild world of sport, funding is not only key to our survival but essential for our growth and development.  Fifteen years ago, when we first applied for funding, there was not a lot of information about and what was there was hard to get hold of.  Fast forward to 2016 and there is almost too much information available and so many funding opportunities that it is hard to know where to start.


It can be a daunting process, which is why we have tried to create some guidance to help clubs get started and give them some reassurance along the way. What did you make of our new funding guidance?

The new funding section is a great place to start, even for a club like ours which has been successful in getting funding, because as well as being successful, we have also been denied funding over the years and the questions are always raised; Did we do something wrong?  Is there a specific way we should be approaching this?  How can we do things better?  Where do we start!?


There definitely is a lot of information out there! Did it help having things all in one place?

Although there is a lot of help out there, sometimes, rather than just discussing it with someone, it is better to see it structured, in front of your eyes so you can see how it all links together, where suddenly it all makes sense.   The areas highlighted in the funding guidance seem to be exactly what we need to be able to create a funding plan and to check that the approach we have taken to date is not missing anything.  So as well as acting as guidance, it is also a perfect checklist to measure ourselves against.


A checklist is a really good way of working through the content and making sure you make the most of it. And finally, did you find the interactive funding guidance video easy to access the information?

The interactive video was very clear and easy to understand.  The structure allowed for easy navigation and I found the explanation of terms was helpful, for example recognising that ‘Impact’ and ‘Outcomes’ mean the same thing, as this can be confusing when filling in application forms.  It is not always easy to know exactly what information the funder is looking for and the video helps clarify this.

If you fancy finding out more about the Essex Arrows Baseball Club then check out there website here!

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Why not try our ‘getting to grips with funding’ guidance, and see how this can help your club apply for funding.


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