Club Marketing

Social Media


Social media allows conversations to happen between your club and the people important to your club, whether that’s your members, volunteers, players, supporters, parents or sponsors.


With over 60% of people in the UK actively using social media, it is clear that it is here to stay.

Social media can add a more informal and personal touch to your marketing and by creating a strong online community, you will strengthen your club in the ‘real world’.

Social media and social networking sites

Social media and social networking sites are accessible, quick, cost-effective and user-friendly once you get going.  But before you get started you should think about what social media platform is right for your club. Consider;

  • How your club wants to use social media and what you want to achieve
  • Which social media sites are the most popular with your target audience (e.g. members / parents / players / sponsors etc.)
  • The resources you need, including who has the skills to manage your club's social media presence

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