How to Get Started on Social Media

This month we caught up with Club Matters’ social media experts, and David Griffiths, Director at Beeston Hockey Club, to provide some tips and tricks to help you get started on social media.

With over 60% of people in the UK using social media, it is a great way to promote your club and allows conversations to happen between your club and the people important to your club, whether that’s your members, volunteers, players, supporters, parents or sponsors. Social media and social networking sites are accessible, quick, cost-effective and user-friendly once you get going.

Before you get started you should think about what social media platform is right for your club. There are lots of options out there:


  • A great way for your club to connect with its members and volunteers by sharing photos, videos and text updates.


  • A great tool to share you latest updates and stories. Its attraction to many is that you can engage in real-time with people and organisations.


  • Great for sharing videos of your sporting and community events and linking these back to your club website or Facebook page to bring them to life.


  • A fun way to quickly share your photos. It’s great for sharing professional looking pictures of your sporting or club events

When deciding which platform you want to use, think about:

  • How your club wants to use social media and what you want to achieve
  • Which social media sites are the most popular with your target audience (e.g. members / parents / players / sponsors etc.)
  • The resources you need, including who has the skills to manage your club's social media presence

David Griffiths, Director at Beeston Hockey Club, recommends focusing on having “an easy to navigate and up to date website for a start. Then using Facebook and Twitter to promote the news stories published on your website.”

Now you’re up and running, it’s important to consider what information you are putting out to the world. Here are David’s top tips to creating great content:

  • A picture is key to an eye-catching post
  • Videos are really powerful and get great engagement, why not set up a club TV channel on YouTube?
  • Think outside the box
  • Look at other sports and professional clubs for inspiration, if Manchester United are doing something fun and engaging on Twitter or Facebook there's no reason you can't apply that to your sport and club too

Make sure you bear in mind the risks of using social media and ensure you stay safe online. Developing a Social Media Policy, which sets out how social media should be used and managed to protect your club and your members is a good place to start, and nominating a Social Media Officer, who will have responsibility for the set-up, management and moderation of your social media, are great first steps to being safe.

For more advice and help on social media, check out the Club Matters website

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