Libra Lea focus on their Club Experience

"We want our club to be inclusive for all our members, no matter what their age or ability is, and improve their club experience."

Fast facts:

Name: Sally Bromley
Team: Libra Lea
Sport: Netball
Role: Founder


Libra Lea Netball

Tell us a bit about your club:

I set up Libra Lea Netball club in September 2010. I originally set the club up so I was able to play with my daughters, and we began by entering a few mid week leagues with our neighbours as a group of 9. Since then we have grown from strength to strength, and now have over 50 seniors and 30 juniors as members. Last summer we entered the West Midlands Regional Qualifying league in an attempt to secure a place in the Senior Regional League Division 2 from September. We remained unbeaten in the qualifying league and have just finished a very credible 4th in our first season as a Regional team, so it is a very exciting time for us as a club!

Libra Lea

What Club Matters resources have you used?

Our members are the reason we exist. When we saw England Netball was working with Club Matters to deliver a pilot workshop on Club Experience we were excited to get involved. We want our club to be inclusive for all our members no matter what there age or ability is and thought the workshop would be a great way to find out how we can improve our members’ experience.


How has this helped your club?

The workshop was really useful. It allowed us to reflect on our own performance whilst giving us practical tools, resources and ideas that we could put into practice back at the club to enhance the experience our members receive. It was also a good opportunity to meet other local clubs to see what they were doing and share experiences.

To understand our club experience, we have recently sent out a questionnaire to all our club members – we based the questions on some available on Club Views. This gave our members an opportunity to be honest about all aspects of the club and as a tool we could use to improve their club experience. It has been a real eye-opener and has helped us to have some important discussions with people.

As a club, we thought about how we could tailor our experience further, and have now accessed funding as part of Woman in Coaching for our girls currently undertaking their Level 2 award, as well as becoming a Satellite Club – all these ideas came out of the Club Experience workshop.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m currently doing my Level 3 Coaching and as part of this I have had to write my ‘Coaching Philosophy’. After attending the workshop, I understand how important it is that this is in line with our club values and Codes of Practice. We plan to make this available to all members and new members joining from the new season to ensure we deliver a consistently great experience. We will certainly be using the online resources available on Club Matters around Club Experience. In the next couple of years, we hope to reach gold level in the England Netball CAPS accreditation programme and one day reach the premier leagues!

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