Activity / Playing Programme

Your Club needs to look at the opportunities it is providing, when you are providing them, how you are delivering them and by who.

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National Governing Bodies  realise the importance of getting the activity/playing programme right for members of sports Clubs. For sport specific advice on playing programmes contact your NGB or visit their website.

Criteria explained

The Club provides a suitable activity / playing programme(s) which demonstrates and promotes NGB standards

    Playing Programme

  • The Club playing programme

Where appropriate in partnership with the NGB the Club offers development pathways for all talented athletes

    Development Pathway

  • Example(s) / evidence of an NGB supported development pathway(s)
  • The Club evidences how they recognise and provide support to individuals who show potential or who want to develop
  • Evidence of communication with parent(s) / carers where appropriate

The playing programme is regularly reviewed to ensure it continues to meet the needs of members and delivery is of a high quality

    Quality of delivery

  • Evidence of engaging with members to review their satisfaction
  • Evidence of actions taken

The Club actively welcomes and encourages new members and delivers sessions appropriate to their ability

    New members

  • Evidence of sessions for new members and delivery of sessions appropriate for their ability
  • Evidence of sessions to meet all abilities

The Club ensures all coaches are appropriately qualified and meet minimum standards as set by their NGB


  • Records of all coaches and their relevant technical qualifications, experience aligned to NGB minimum standards
  • Details of coach to participant ratios for all sessions as set by your NGB / Sport

Coaches, volunteers, instructors, club activators and Club Welfare Officers and all those involved in delivery of suitable activity / playing programme understand their roles, responsibilities and expected standards of behaviour

    Roles and Responsibilities

  • Code(s) of conduct and role outlines for all coaches, volunteers, instructors and club activators and Club Welfare Officers – demonstrate how this is implemented at induction and reviewed within the Club

Those involved in the delivery of the playing programme are provided with support and participate in regular training and development

    Training and Development

  • Evidence of regular / ongoing training and development for coaches, volunteers, instructors and club activators (including formal and informal training)