Club Matters workshops are an “excellent eye-opener and thought-provoker”

Come together with like-minded, local clubs at a free Club Matters workshop to develop your knowledge in running a sports club

Club Matters workshops are short training sessions, funded by Sport England and delivered across the country by Club Matters facilitators in a range of specific topics. The sessions will develop your skills, improve your knowledge and ultimately help you develop your club.

The workshops typically last approximately 2 hours and are available free of charge to anyone involved with a community sports club.

What topics are available?

Click on a topic below to find out what is covered in a workshop:

Club Finances

Understanding your Club Finances - Build a firm foundation for your club

Are you baffled by balance sheets or afraid of your accounts? This workshop will give you the tools to tackle your clubs finances and help you make better decisions. Get your finances fit for the future.

This workshop covers:
  • Exercises to help you easily review and understand your club accounts
  • Demystifying accounting concepts
  • Ideas to help you improve your clubs finances
  • Methods to help you to communicate your clubs finances effectively

Club Structures

Understanding the Options for Club Structures - Building your club for success

It is important that sports clubs take the time to explore different club structures. By attending this workshop you will gain an understanding of what structure is right for your club to enable success and stability.

This workshop covers:
  • The importance of your club structure
  • An overview of different legal structures
  • Top tips for becoming incorporated
  • Selecting the best status for your club, including CASC, charities and CIO’s
  • Getting to grips with gift aid

Marketing Strategy

Developing a Marketing Strategy - Reach out & attract with impact

With so many marketing options out there it can leave you in a muddle. This workshop will guide you through the marketing minefield and help you attract new members, raise funds or enhance your club’s profile. Launch your marketing mission today.

This workshop covers:
  • Shaping up your marketing strategy- what to consider
  • Fit to follow framework - to develop your club’s strategy
  • Methods to motivate - considering different marketing options
  • Evaluating your efforts - focus your energy effectively

Business Planning

Developing a Business Plan - Securing a brighter future

Do you have a dream for your club but struggle to make progress? This workshop will help you put together a simple yet effective business plan for your club to help you plan a brighter future and take real steps to reach your goals. Stop dreaming, start doing.

This workshop covers:
  • What a business plan can do for your club
  • Key players in developing a business plan
  • A simple framework to support your planning
  • Top tips of what to include in your plan and common pitfalls to watch out for

Tax Requirements for your Club People

Understanding the Tax Requirements for your Club People - Protect your club and your people

Tax can be taxing but knowing your obligations is vital to avoid any nasty surprises. This workshop will help you understand more about the main PAYE and employment status issues affecting sports clubs and put you on track to take the pain out of PAYE.

This workshop covers:
  • Know your team - volunteer, worker or employee benefits & risks of each?
  • Employment status - tests, guides & examples
  • Juggling expenses - employees, clubs, individuals
  • Staying out in front - recent developments (RTI & AE)
Don't just take our word for it...

After attending a Club Matters marketing workshop, Gordano Valley Archers have been putting their learning into practice and have seen a fantastic increase in demand for their beginners courses as a result:

Sound good? Check out our workshop schedule to see if there’s a workshop taking place near you over the coming months. If the workshop you want isn’t listed, or there isn’t one in your local area, get in touch with your National Governing Body or County Sports Partnership and ask if they can organise one in your local area.

If you are from an NGB, CSP or Local Authority, visit our Organising a Workshop page.