Organising a Club Matters Workshop

Our workshops are short 2 hour training sessions delivered by Club Matters facilitators in a range of specific areas. Our team is located across the country so we can deliver workshops at a time and location local and convenient to your club, subject to our availability. All we need is you to guarantee 4 different clubs and 8 individuals at the workshop. The workshops are funded by Sport England so there is no cost to you!

Workshops during Covid-19

The suite of Club Matters workshops are now available for delivery through online virtual classroom sessions. The workshops will run for a maximum of 2 hours and we have relaxed the number of delegates required to run a workshop to 6. This number should include a minimum of 2 different clubs. The maximum number of delegates per workshop is 12. 

Delegates will be required to have access to Wi-Fi, a laptop or tablet and a microphone, as workshops will be interactive.

Once you have identified a potential date(s), please complete a workshop request form. This can be found here. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions prior to submitting your request.

We will be in touch to confirm receipt of your form and source an appropriate tutor. Please submit all requests a minimum of 1 week prior to the workshop start date.

Please contact us via should you have any questions.

What do I need to organise a workshop?

1. Choose a date, time, venue and topic

Workshops can be delivered in any location across England and at a time best for you and your clubs: we are available evenings and weekends for you.

Each workshop is 2 hours in length.

You will need to arrange a venue which has:

  • Tables and chairs for participants, to be arranged appropriately for workshop delivery
  • A projector with screen
  • A flip chart and flip chart pens

We have 6 different workshop topics available to choose from.

2. Send us your request

Once you have a venue, date, time, and topic identified, fill out a Workshop Request Form, and send it back to us at We will be in touch to confirm our availability for the time and date requested.

Once we have confirmed your workshop, we will organise a facilitator.

3. Time to promote

Get the word out to your clubs! You will need to promote the workshop and get attendees to sign up.

Remember: A workshop will only go ahead with 4 or more different clubs and at least 6 individuals signed up.

Want help promoting? Check out our Club Matters promotional materials for flyers to help get the message out. We will advertise the workshop on the Club Matters website.

4. Get ready

Once you have obtained the required attendee numbers for the workshop to go ahead we will put you in contact with your workshop facilitator. We will also send you all the materials to be printed for the workshop:

  • slide handouts
  • activity handouts
  • attendee declaration forms
  • feedback forms

The materials will all need to be printed in advance of the workshop. We appreciate that it can be a lot of paper, so feel free to print double sided.

Email your facilitator to say hello and let them know anything that they may find useful (e.g. helpful directions, contact details, information about the audience, etc.)

5. Follow up

We will provide you with follow up communications specific to the workshop topic you choose: this will include links to further Club Matters support to help your clubs to continue developing.
Send the email out to all of the attendees who have registered with you for the workshop, and be sure to cc in

What we will do for you:
  • Provide an experienced facilitator to deliver the workshop.
  • Send you all the workshop materials that you’ll need to print.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the workshop.
  • Provide the laptop containing the workshop presentation slides.
  • Be available for Q&A and networking after the workshop.
  • Collect feedback forms from participants at the end of the workshop.
  • Provide you with follow up communications with links to further Club Matters support to be sent to attendees.



Thousands of sports club volunteers have already benefitted from attending these sessions and we are looking forward to working with your local clubs and other organisations.  We’ve had great feedback from participants and organisers alike and look forward to delivering successful workshops with you now and in the future.

Still have questions? Contact us!