Club People

Members and Participants


Your club exists for, and because of, the people at the club; your members, players and participants.

One of the biggest challenges facing sports clubs today is the ability to attract new members and retain existing ones. The way people participate in sport is changing and there are many more alternatives available for someone looking to become fit and active, rather than joining their local sports club (think about Parkrun, fitness bootcamps, going to the gym, and so on!).

Many clubs think the solution to this is to simply spend more time and money on marketing the club. This could help to a certain extent, but unless you truly understand your members and offer a service which meets their wants and needs, the money you spend on telling everyone how great your club is will be wasted.

It’s time to start thinking like a successful business; your members are your customers and if you don’t provide a positive customer experience, they won’t keep coming back.

We also have specific guidance on the following topics:


Understand the importance of being an inclusive, welcoming and supportive club for all your members, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability.


Find out why it is important that your club engages with those who have an impairment or health condition and familiarise yourself with the barriers faced by disabled people when it comes to sport.

Women and Girls

Discover what motivates and prevents women from participating in sport and what your club can do to help welcome women and girls.


Learn how to make the most of talent pathways to support and manage talented members and individuals at your club.

Community Impact

Discover why an understanding of the community your club serves, and engaging with it, is pivotal to running an effective and sustainable club. 


Gain an insight on youth personalities and learn how to make your club experience extraordinary for young club members.

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