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Being welcoming and inclusive is a strong feature of many healthy and successful clubs.

Sometimes this can be challenging for sports clubs. Creating an inclusive club may require changing the club’s culture – a task that calls for strong leadership, appropriate policies and procedures and a commitment to change.

However, if all your members feel valued and receive equal opportunities they are more likely to remain a member and promote your club to others.

Inclusivity in sport is important and ensures that your club is welcoming to everyone, regardless of race, age, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Make Sport Everyone's Game is a new toolkit, developed by Stonewall, to help you make your sports club more inclusive for LGBT people. Click on the button below to download this.



Be community centred

  • Promote your club to the broader community using different approaches to reach a varied audience
  • Develop specific programs that meet your community’s needs, recognising its diversity (e.g. targeting women, older people, people with disabilities)
  • Share your facilities with other community groups
  • Offer young people a route into coaching

Internally inclusive

  • Encourage a variety of individuals to get involved or have a voice at the committee level
  • Schedule meetings and events at family friendly times
  • Support your staff by providing appropriate training (e.g. cultural or disability awareness training for coaches)
  • Create an equity policy to address inappropriate or offensive behaviour
  • Display clearly your codes of conduct and highlight the expected behaviours within the club

Promote participation

  • Offer both competitive and social opportunities for participation
  • Be flexible about practice times and kit/uniform requirements
  • Make participation affordable (e.g. sharing transport, second hand kit, minimising fees)

Other organisations who can help

For more support on being an inclusive club, you may wish to visit the following organisations:

Women in Sport. Women in Sport dedicated to improving and promoting opportunities for women and girls in sport at every level. Their goal is to create a future where everyone can benefit from sport regardless of gender.

Sporting Equals. Sporting Equals actively promotes greater involvement by all communities that are disengaged, especially the black and minority ethnic (BME) population, in sport and physical activity.

Equality in Sport. The Sports Council Equality Group offers a framework for assisting sports clubs to widen access and reduce inequalities in sport and physical activity from under represented individuals, groups and communities.

Age UK. Age UK is the country's largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life.

Pride Sports. Pride Sports is the UK’s LGBT Sports Development and Equity organisation, working to challenge homophobia in sport and improve access to sport for all LGBT people across the world.

Video: Case Study

Watch the video below to see how Doncaster Rowing Club has benefitted by ensuring they are a welcoming club to all.

There are many practical ways to include people of all abilities and backgrounds in sport at a level of their choice whilst still maintaining the integrity of the activity. For further details follow the links to the organisations highlighted. If you want to get more women and girls involved in your sport or activity, Sport England have developed a practical guide with advice, suggestions, hints and tips. For specific support with Disability including disabled people within your club click here.
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