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Nearly two-thirds of 14-25 year olds are regularly active but this has remained flat over several years. We need to do something to stop the churn and attract more young people into sport. Delivering the right experience is crucial to this.

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Young people today are eager to develop their identities and shape their own experiences. These so-called “digital natives” have instant access to the world at their fingertips. Constantly switched on, they are more aware and informed than previous generations. That being said, young people want experiences that are social, collaborative, rewarding and personalised to them. Positive experiences in particular, are key to maintaining future engagement. Often competing with conflicting priorities or activities of wider interest, sport is no exception.

Enhancing your Club Experience for young people

Young people are highly influenced by their social group. A positive experience can be communicated on average to 4-6 others; while communication of a negative experience is up to fourfold. Watch our interactive guidance video below to learn how you can create an exceptionally positive club experience for young people:

Where can I find out more?

Join our free Club Experience workshops to find out how you can make your club experience extraordinary for young people. It covers:

  • Why delivering a great experience for young people in your club is important
  • How to listen to and respond to the needs of the people in your club and potential members
  • How to consistently deliver a great club experience
  • Action points and ‘takeaways’ for you to work through with your club

This workshop will have a specific focus on young people aged 11-25 and be relevant to a cross-sport club audience. If you have any questions, please contact

Spotlight on... Youth volunteering in Sport

Having a clearer understanding of what motivates young people to get into sport; opportunities to achieve goals or develop specific skills act as strong motivators for volunteering in sport.

Volunteering allows youth to build on a number of key life skills such as leadership, communication and decision making, whilst making their mark on a cause they feel passionate about.

Sport England has partnered with the #iwill campaign , a UK-wide campaign that aims to make social action part of life for as many 10-20 year olds as possible by 2020.

Check out our insights video to learn about how the young #iwill Ambassadors are taking the lead on promoting positive social action opportunities that benefit themselves and their communities. Think about what your club can do to inspire and celebrate young people giving back through sport on and off the pitch: From opportunities to coach junior players to organising club events, these voluntary activities act as strong selling points in helping clubs to attract and retain current and future members.

Parents in Sport

For young members at your club/organisation, getting their parents or carers involved in their experience can be really helpful! For more information on engaging parents and building their confidence in your organisation, visit our Parents in Sport page.

Understanding youth personalities

In 2015, Sport England carried out research with 2,000 14-25 year olds to better understand young people. 6 “youth personas” were developed as a result. We know that young people are all different, however identifying groups with similar characteristics helps in understanding how to encourage youth to get more active and tailoring your offer as a club. The slider below provides a rounded view of young people’s lives in relation to sport:
Now that you’ve learnt about the 6 youth personalities and their relationship with sport, download Sport England’s practical guidance below on how to engage with different personalities in a way that’s right for them.

Discover Wortley RUFC's Youth Club Experience

Satellite clubs can help bridge the gap between school, college and community sport – and provide new opportunities for young people to get active. Having attended the club experience workshop for youth, find out how Wortley RUFC has taken steps towards creating an extraordinary experience for their young club members. Learn about how they have evolved since, and their plans for the future:

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