Club People



Without the time, energy and commitment of volunteers, grassroots sport simply would not happen.

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Whether they give up a few hours a month to lend a hand, or travel up and down the country every weekend coaching a team at matches, volunteers are the life and soul of community sport.

This means that if you are a club that relies on volunteers, it's important you know how to inspire, manage and support them, recognise their hardwork and make sure they know how valued they are.

You need to provide them with an amazing experience from the minute they first engage with your club.

Did you know that two thirds of volunteers got involved because they heard about it through someone else?

This means, if your current volunteers are happy with their experiences and feel valued, not only are they more likely to stay at your club, but they’ll share their positive experiences with friends and family, which in turn will help you find more volunteers. If you know how keep and develop your volunteers by providing them with a fun and meaningful experience, you are one step closer towards finding new volunteers in the future.

Use the buttons below to access the Club Matters support on volunteers. Sport England also has a dedicated volunteering questions and answers guide with lots of information about how to safely manage your volunteers.