Club Management

Health and Safety



Your club has responsibility for the health and safety of people who visit, work, or are affected by your club’s activities including:

  • Players and competitors
  • Volunteers and staff
  • Members and supporters
  • Parents or other visitors
  • Competition support staff
  • Contractors

Your club will owe a Duty of Care to these (and other) people. Undertaking Risk Assessments and having a clear sports Health and Safety Policy will help you to manage this obligation.

If your club has paid employees you will be required to meet additional Health and Safety standards.

These clubs fall within the main scope of the Health and Safety at Work Act and are required to ensure safe systems of work and a safe working environment for their staff and others using the premises where the work takes place.

See the "Discover" section below to access the Health and Safety Executive website, which provides a range of information on sports health and safety for Clubs.