Club Management

How will you get there?


This stage of club development focuses on how your club is going to achieve its vision and can be broken down into two subsections; 1) Aims and 2) Objectives.

Club development: How will you get there


Club Development Planning works best when the overall club vision is broken down into smaller, more manageable goals (aims) that are realistic and achievable.

Examples of aims could be:

  • Increasing the competitive playing opportunities for the junior section
  • Increasing the number of qualified Level 2 coaches
  • Increasing the number of new volunteers assisting with the running of the club
  • Developing stronger links to the local community

Once you have set your aims, it is important to set short, medium and long term targets (objectives / actions) on how you are going to get there. We recommend that you follow the SMART principle when setting your objectives.

  • Specific: Identify what the club wants to achieve
  • Measurable: Is the club able to measure whether it is meeting the objectives or not?
  • Achievable: Are the objectives achievable and attainable?
  • Realistic: Can the objectives realistically be achieved the objectives with the resources it has?
  • Timed: When does the club want to achieve the set objectives?
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