“We want a sport sector that is welcoming, treats young people as individuals and values them as customers. The Club Experience for Young People workshops will help you to create an experience that has the needs and wants of your current and potential members at its heart.”

Jayne Molyneux, Director of Children and Young people, Sport England

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The Club Experience for Young People: How to create an extraordinary experience for young people at your club

The world is changing, how do you ensure your club is chosen over all the other opportunities that are competing for young people’s leisure time? By making it a place young people want to keep on coming back to. To do this you need to understand what existing and potential members want from your club and deliver a great experience to them. By consistently doing this you will create an extraordinary club that will thrive.


What to think about:
- Why delivering a great experience for young people in your club is important
- How to listen to and respond to the needs of the people in your club and potential members
- How to consistently deliver a great club experience


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