• Book Club Matters Training

    Organisations and community groups can request free training from our suite of Club Matters learning opportunities,  selecting their preferred dates and times.

  • Raising Money to Sustain Your Organisation Webinar

    Identify ways to access funding and raise money.

  • Dealing with Increasing Costs Session

    Explore ways to support your club/organisation to deal with rising costs

  • Planning for Your Future Workshop

    Learn how to effectively plan and sustain your club/organisation to enable it to flourish

  • A Club for Everyone Workshop

    Consider how to create long term and sustainable change to ensure sport and physical activity is accessible to all.

  • Legal Structures and Governance
    Identify common legal structures and principles of effective governance.
  • Leadership Teams Workshop

    Explore how your volunteer team can be structured and operate effectively.

  • Developing a Marketing Strategy Workshop

    Consider the different ways you can market and promote your club/organisation.

  • Participant Experience Workshop

    Understand how to provide the best experience for your participants.

  • Engaging Your Community Workshop

    Explore how to best connect, understand and engage with your local community.

  • Volunteer Experience Workshop

    Discover how to provide the best environment to make volunteering great.

  • Finance

    Identify financial objectives that will help your club become more resilient.

  • Time to Network Workshop

    Three topical networking sessions facilitated by our lead tutor. These sessions will give you a chance to input your solutions and raise current problems to share.

  • Maximising Great Culture and Values in Clubs Workshop

    Considering how a great culture in a club or community organisation can help increase activity, promote different sectors of people to work together and increase profitability within your community and your club.