For many clubs being able to participate in their chosen sport depends on having the right facilities and equipment in place.

Depending on your situation, a number of the sections below might be applicable to you:

Kit and Equipment

The kit and equipment needed for training and/or playing will vary hugely dependent upon your sport. If you are starting out then remember some sports set minimum requirements for kit and equipment, usually for health and safety reasons. e.g. mouth guards in boxing, shin pads in football or head gear in youth rugby. Make sure that you take advice from your national governing body where appropriate

Facilities - Starting out

If your club is new, or you are looking at facilities for the first time, before you sign up to a facility think what is essential or desirable to have in a facility for your club. 

Facilities - Regular use

Depending on your requirements, if your club uses facilities regularly then it is likely that you will hire or lease facilities. If you just need a facility for a few hours each week then hiring a venue will be appropriate. Many facilities may have appropriate space and equipment for your club. Don’t just limit yourself to leisure centres; think wider. 

For example, can schools, community centres, others sports clubs or private leisure operators offer you a space to play? If you need facilities more regularly then leasing facilities may be more suitable. Sports clubs often lease premises or facilities from local authorities, commercial businesses or other organisations on a range of terms. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions clearly before you sign up. Remember, if you are looking for funding for leased facilities in many instances you will need to demonstrate you have the right to use the facilities over a long period of time, typically 25 years.

Facilities - Owning your own

Many clubs dream of owning and running their own facilities - whether this be a club house, activity centre, sports ground or similar. Often this is can be the most expensive solution as you will probably need to secure substantial funding in order to develop your own facilities. If you are considering building new facilities or updating existing facilities check out Sport England's resources on Facilities and Planning

For guidance on designing and costing facilities including information on accessible facilities, case studies and example costs access Sport England's design and cost guidance. If you already own facilities there are further resources to will help you to manage these more effectively. 

The effective facilities management online module will help to keep facilities fit, functional and affordable to run. The module focuses on not only helping clubs reduce the costs of running their facilities but outlines common legal and regulatory areas clubs with facilities need to comply with. With lots of practical hints and tips the module will help you to better manage your Clubs facilities now and in the future.

Facilities - Asset transfer

Asset transfer involves the transfer of the ownership of land or buildings from government organisations such as local authorities to community groups like local sports clubs and trusts, often at a vastly discounted price if there is a benefit to the local community. For further information see the asset transfer toolkit, Sport England’s step by step guide through the asset transfer process for community clubs or the community assets guidance available on Club Matters. 

Regardless of what type of facilities your club uses, you should always make sure you have the appropriate health and safety,  and risk assessment policies and practices in place. You should also consider if your facilities are accessible to everyone.

Last modified: Friday, 24 September 2021, 9:43 AM