Good governance is about having the right structure, people and policies and procedures in place at your club.

Get your governance right and you will see the benefits:
  • More time to focus on what is important to your club
  • More likely to meet funding criteria
  • Happier and more effective volunteers
  • Manage risk and protect your members and volunteers

Our short video below explores the minimum requirements of a Code for Sports Governance, which clubs applying for funding from Sport England will need to meet from April 2017 onwards. Even if you aren't planning on applying for funding, you should be striving to meet these governance standards as a well-run, sustainable sports club.

Governance involves planning for the future, protecting the club's values and reputation, looking after the money and people, and being accountable for the club’s actions and decisions. To do this, you will need adequate risk assessmentsto have a strong and effective committee as well as clear policies and procedures. You can also explore the different structures that clubs can adopt here.

Access our Good Governance online module to find out why Governance is essential in running a successful sports club.

Last modified: Friday, 24 September 2021, 9:41 AM