Values and culture with Portico Vine

Portico Vine Amateur Rugby League Football Club (ARLFC) developed a set of values and straplines to articulate the principles that are most important to them. These enable their people and partner organisations to understand what they’re all about. They also help to shape the club’s culture by guiding people’s attitudes and behaviours and the club’s own interactions with their participants, volunteers, partners, and stakeholders.

Our video explores the club’s values and straplines and the impact they have had on the club’s culture.

You can also read more about their story here.

The video begins with a trio of logos. The Club Matters logo sits in the middle of the screen, the Sport England and National Lottery Funded Logo are below. The title, ‘Club Matters, Values and culture’ is at the top of the screen and the background is white. An upbeat, dramatic backing track plays throughout the video and subtitles appear throughout.  

The white background remains, and on-screen text appears centrally. It reads ‘We visited Portico Vine Amateur Rugby League Football Club (ARLFC) to find out about their values and culture.’

The screen then pans across the top of a club house which displays the Portico Vine A.R.L.F.C logo. It is green with yellow text and has a coat of arms including a ram, harp, red cross and knight’s helmet.

The screen changes to show a green brick building which displays a number of signs showcasing partners, rules, health and safety information and the Portico Vine logo. The building has flood lights attached to it. The shot changes and pans across the first building again. It displays a green and yellow sign with Portico Vine ARLFC emblazoned across the top and Working with the community, for the community “One team one dream” underneath.

During these shots of the facilities the voice of Mark Hobin, club chairman, can be heard, he says ‘Portico Vine is a community rugby league club based on the border of St Helens and Knowsley in Merseyside. We are more than a community rugby league club though, we actively work alongside our community to better the lives of our members, both on and off the pitch, broaden their horizons, you know, instil respect, instil confidence and just provide a platform for people to maximise what they want to bring to a party, what they want to be involved with rugby league or within the community hub. People from all sorts of walks of life can come together under one roof with that commonality’.

The screen changes to show Mark speaking. A lower third banner appears, it has the Club Matters logo on the left and the text Mark Hobin, Chairman, Portico Vine ARLFC on the right. Mark is wearing a Portico Vine t-shirt and is talking in the clubhouse with the bar and some tables, chairs and trophies visible behind him. Whilst Mark is talking the shot changes to show a volunteer clearing some litter from the field and placing it into a bin, a younger volunteer sweeping the front entrance, and a volunteer organising some equipment.

The shot returns to Mark in the clubhouse: ‘It’s the things you do for yourself are gone when you’re gone, but the things you do for others will forever be your legacy. We came up with working with the community, i.e. alongside them, for the community’.

As Mark is talking the image on the screen returns to the volunteer organising some equipment, a coach carrying and laying out equipment onto the field. The graphic is blurred out before Community-led appears in white letters centrally on the screen.

The voice of Philip Glover is then heard, ‘Portico Vine and my ethos, they synergize, they come together really well because it’s people-based'.

As Philip is talking, the heading disappears, and an image becomes clear. A coach is attaching protective cases around the conversion poles on the rugby pitch. The image changes to show Philip speaking to the camera. He is standing at the top of the field and some people can be seen in the distance behind him. A lower third banner appears once more with the Club Matters logo on the left and the text Philip Glover, Director, PTG Educational Services & People Empowered CIC on the right.

Philip continues: ‘If you care about people and go out of your way to make sure you’re thinking of others before you think of yourselves, that for me is how life should be lived, and the club do that on a day-to-day basis’.

A coach is then shown in slow motion placing cones alongside the rugby pitch.

A new voice, Nick Dyer, can be heard behind this footage: ‘What’s attracted us is they have the same ethos as us. They’re very community based. We have to work within our community and support the people who we deal with. And again, I think Portico do the same amongst their children, they’re watching the players, they’re understanding what’s going on within the families and the community as much as what’s going on, on the pitch’.

The shot changes to show Nick speaking to the camera. He is standing in front of the clubhouse which is busy with people. As Nick is talking, a lower third banner appears with the Club Matters logo to the left and the text Nick Dyer, General Manager, Teardrops to the right. A group of young players then become the focus; they’re in a team huddle on the pitch with one young boy speaking to all of them. The shot is in slow motion and his words are inaudible.

The shot focuses in on the hands of the players in the huddle which move to the middle to cheer. The screen becomes blurred and the title Transparent appears centrally in large white text. The heading disappears and the picture becomes clear to show the team all putting their hands in the air and cheering before dispersing.

The audio starts with a female voice: ‘It’s making sure that everything that we do, we do together, there’s not just playing rugby. There’s so much more that we want to do and encourage people from the community to get involved’.

During this audio the screen shows slow motion footage of the rugby game and a few of the players involved in a tackle. The shot changes to show a coach instructing some players.

The video moves on to show Billy Vaughan standing in front of the busy clubhouse addressing the camera. Billy is also wearing a green and yellow Portico Vine t-shirt. A lower third banner appears with the Club Matters logo and the text Billy Vaughan, Community Hub Leader, Portico Vine ARLFC on the right.

Billy says: ‘Is this what we believe in? Is this what the goal in our life is? And it is. We do believe that everybody is equal at the club and everybody has a role to play and everybody can enact that role to the best of their ability, given the chance’.

The shot changes to show another slow-motion clip of a rugby tackle followed by a scrum, spectators can be seen in the background. The shot returns to Mark speaking in the clubhouse.

Mark says: ‘Through negotiation, through clear communications, transparency and honesty, we all came together and shared our vision for the future’.

Whilst Mark is talking, the footage shows a young player hugging their coach before the same player goes to hug a teammate. The shot blurs as the heading Safe appears centrally in white letters across the screen. This image becomes clear as the heading disappears. The audio below starts while the graphic moves on to show a volunteer cooking in kitchen, the back of her shirt says Portico with One team one dream in large letters.

Samantha Bonney’s voice can then be heard: ‘We’ve also got some refugee families as well who live local in the area.  So, we reached out to those and again, they’ve got young children who come, the children feel safe when they’re here, they know that they can go and explore with volunteers who are trained and have experience at dealing with young children’.

Whilst Samantha is talking, she appears on screen, she’s wearing a Portico Vine t-shirt and is standing on the field with the clubhouse and lots of people blurred in the background. A lower third banner appears with the Club Matters logo on the left and the text Samantha Bonney, Manager & Volunteer, Portico Vine ARLFC to the right. Towards the end of the audio, the image cuts to show Billy chatting with someone in the clubhouse.

A different female voice can then be heard: ‘Everyone just cares for each other and wants to make sure everybody is just safe and well’.

During this dialogue, the screen shows a volunteer cooking some bacon in the kitchen and another serving hotdogs to player. The video returns to Mark in the clubhouse.

Mark: ‘I think if you look after your people, they’ll look after you. And so for me personally, heading up this rugby club is one of the proudest moments of my life’.

The image changes to show a volunteer cooking burgers and then a queue of players waiting for food. This image is blurred before the heading Inclusive appears in white letters centrally on screen. The heading disappears and the image becomes clear to show a volunteer serving someone from the kitchen. The shot then moves to show David Hobin. He is wearing the Portico Vine kit, talking to the camera outside of the clubhouse. As David begins talking, a lower third banner appears with the Club Matters logo on and the text David Hobin, Project Manager, Portico Vine ARLFC next to it.

David: ‘One team one dream means to me - inclusivity. It means everybody pulling in the same direction. It means that everybody wants to get involved, can get involved and so that strapline is something that pulls us all together’.

As David is talking, the screen begins to pan across the Portico Vine ‘Panthers’ team logo on the clubhouse wall, this sits above a sign reading Portico Vine Loyal Partners and some gold plaques with organisation’s names engraved on them. The camera shows a different wall with a green sign with yellow text reading “Every child has the right to shine regardless of their ability”.

Billy begins talking over this shot: ‘We have a philosophy that every child has the right to shine, regardless of their ability, and that goes for adults as well. There’s somebody out there who sits in on their own day after day. They could be with your club, helping you to do things better’.

The screen returns to Billy outside the clubhouse. The camera then follows a coach through the clubhouse. The coach enters a changing room that has Portico Vine’s logo mounted on the wall surrounded by pictures of members, events and families. The logo includes another tagline Hearts of lions above it. The coach is seen hanging kit up in the changing room.

The screen blurs as the heading Resilient appears centrally on screen in white text. As the heading disappears, the picture becomes clear and the coach hangs the kit on a peg. Samantha’s voice can be heard alongside this image. The camera pans out across a row of t-shirts hung up beneath the logo and images of players and families in the changing room.

Samantha says: ‘These children then will grow up with really good morals and to be better adults’.

The screen changes to show two young girls speaking directly to the camera. The girls are both wearing Portico Vine. The clubhouse and figures of people are blurred behind them.

The girls say in unison: ‘So girls can’t play rugby, ey? What a ridiculous thing to say’.

The screen shows a zoomed in shot of the logo on a t-shirt hanging in the changing rooms before a slow-motion video of the Portico team warming up for their game, passing a ball between them.

The shot then shows a young player in front of the clubhouse, in his kit speaking directly to the camera: ‘In this Portico Vine family’,

Then the two girls in front of the clubhouse again say: ‘we are all a team’,

The shot changes to show Samantha in front of the clubhouse, she says: ‘we help each other grow’,

The shot changes to another female volunteer stood by the rugby pitch: ‘we communicate’,

The image then moves to show Billy in front of the clubhouse, he says: ‘we laugh’,

The shot then moves inside the clubhouse to show three female volunteers sat around a table, they are all wearing Portico Vine t-shirts. From left to right the women say: ‘we play, we build one another up, we explore’,

The image returns to Samantha outside the clubhouse, she says: ‘we believe in each other’,

The screen then zooms out on an image of the Portico Vine rugby team. Gradually, six more images surround the team of different volunteers, children and parents laughing and smiling. These images form a collage on screen, Marks voice can be heard: ‘we dream big, and most of all, we care’.

At the end of this line, the frame returns to Mark addressing the camera in the clubhouse. The music has faded out. The screen turns white, the Club Matters logo appears centrally at the top, underneath it from left to right are the National Lottery, Sport England and Portico Vine logos. Beneath this reads and The video ends.


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