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Maximising the Media


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Increasing media coverage can significantly raise your club’s profile in your local area, helping your fundraising efforts and advertising your activities and events.

Get to know your local media

What are they interested in covering? Who is the sports editor? Who presents the community sports show?

It’s always important to tell the media in advance of any event or occasion you’re trying to promote. They may be able to attend it, but only if they get enough notice. Some important things to remember when considering when and how to contact the media include:

Identify the right people and then make contact with them

Take a personal approach and give them a call directly. Follow this up with some written details or a draft press release. Remember to ask:

  • What are their deadlines?
  • When do they go to print?
  • When do they have a news meeting or conference?

Make sure you make a record of any contact details such as the journalists direct phone line and email address. They could be useful for other members of your club too!

What's the story?

It’s important to remember that the media is looking for 'a story' that will be of interest to their readers, listeners or viewers. Keep in mind that a regular weekly fixture may not be of interest although it is still useful to send results and match reports nonetheless.

Our Guide to the Perfect Media Release gives you some steps to follow to help your club's stories get published by the media.

Reminders are good

Tell them once and tell them again - journalists are very busy and sometimes have to juggle deadlines so keep gently reminding them.

Post event information

Do remember to tell your contact about it afterwards. By sending them some written materials or photographs you are making it easier for them to cover your story, even if they had no time to come down and see for themselves.

Be persistent and consistent

If you don't succeed first time, don't give up. The media appreciate a regular and reliable source of ideas and information for a good story.

Don't forget to be social

Most journalists and media organisations use social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to offer opportunities for community clubs to be covered.


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