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Social Media Safety

social media safety

Staying safe online and especially on social media, has never been a bigger concern for individuals and organisations alike – including local sports clubs.

Social Media


While social media provides excellent tools for helping your club engage with members and the public, it can also present a number of risks such as:

  • Cyber bullying- through posts which are upsetting to people and often inaccurate
  • Causing offence to individuals, or other clubs and organisations
  • Exposure to inappropriate content, or nasty comments and pictures


Developing a Social Media Policy and nominating a Social Media Officer are great first steps to being safe on social media. Read more below:

Develop a social media policy

Developing a social media policy that sets out how it should be used and managed to protect your club and your members is a good place to start. You don’t need to start from scratch, many of the behaviours and actions you would consider to be unacceptable in the ‘real’ world, are also unacceptable online.  So make your social media safety policy an extension of your code of conduct or use our template to get you started.

Nominate a social media officer

Decide who will have responsibility for the set-up, management and moderation of your social media.  Ensure they are suitably trained and aware of online safeguarding issues, and support them by making sure the rest of your club are aware of your social media policy and their responsibilities online.

Child protection online

The Child Protection Support Unit (CPSU) has a wealth of resources available, including an online webinar, to help you and your sports club understand and prevent the safeguarding risks posed to children and young people from online media.

Remember - Protect your members and your club from being accused of not managing your social media responsibly. This could ultimately damage the reputation of your club.