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Marketing Options


There are a variety of marketing options available to your club.  It is worth spending time exploring the benefits and limitations of these before deciding on the best ways to reach your target groups.

Marketing Options

In the past, most clubs have focused on using traditional marketing techniques, typically ads in local newspapers or sending out leaflets and flyers. Today, there is much more emphasis on digital marketing, which focuses on using the internet to spread the word about your club, through social networks, mobile apps or websites.
You’ll probably find that having a mixture of traditional and digital marketing will work best for your club.

Getting started

The following tips are useful to bear in mind when thinking about your marketing options:

  • Identify your target market
  • Know what you want your marketing to achieve
  • Identify what you can afford to do- establish a mini budget and seek approval from your committee
  • Keep the objective of marketing in mind, you can't appeal to everyone all of the time
  • Consider the seasonal nature of your club – think of ways to maintain interest outside of the main season
  • Keep marketing consistent- it should feel like everything comes from the same home
  • If you have an online presence- keep it up to date
  • Evaluate marketing regularly- don't waste resources on something that isn't working

Options checklist

Use the following checklist of things to think about when you are evaluating your marketing options:

  • Previous experience: What has your club has done in the past. Did these activities achieve what you set out to do?
  • Budget: How much (or how little) money do you have to invest in promotion activities?
  • Time: How much time commitment will it require?
  • Skills: Do you have someone with the necessary skills available?
Start exploring the different digital and traditional marketing options available using the links below:

Sponsorship is an excellent way for your club to raise revenue while raising the profile of the organisation that is sponsoring you.

Electronic Newsletters

Newsletters can be a great way to advertise your club, promote events, send competition updates and share general club news.

Social Media

Social media allows conversations to happen between your club and the people important to your club, whether that’s your members, volunteers, players, supporters, parents or sponsors.


A website can be a really powerful way to let people know about what your club can offer them. Find out more here about creating a website and what you should consider before doing so.

Posters and Flyers

A great way to contact existing or potential members and volunteers is through posters or flyers, to tell them about the benefits that your club can bring to them.

Maximising the Media

Increasing media coverage can significantly raise your club’s profile in your local area, helping your fundraising efforts and advertising your activities and events.

Alternatively, access the Evaluating Marketing Options online module, to help you choose the best marketing methods for your club.


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