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Hi! My name’s Jodie and this is the second instalment of my Club Matters blog! I’m writing it with the aim of, over time, sharing some of the best bits of the Club Matters site with you.. Club Matters has allowed me to help my club succeed…


Having been working my way around the Club Matters website over the last few months, I wanted to make sure I was taking advantage of all the resources my club could benefit from. I spotted there was a Navigation Webinar on offer, which gave a tour of the website, with training on how to use the resources along the way.

This caught my eye, so I thought I’d sign up and give it a go.


For those that may not be savvy with tIMG_1672he whole Webinar thing, the best way to describe it is as an online meeting. You log on to the webpage via your laptop or PC and then call into the meeting using your phone or your laptop. This will allow you to see and hear the presentation and interact with the Club Matters team as well as the other people who have joined from clubs, NGBs, CSPs or Local Authorities to ask questions and share knowledge.

It took me just a few seconds to get online and join the meeting – it was really easy!



And what did I learn?

The Club Improvement Tool– This is a great tool, quick to complete and helps get you thinking about your club, where it performs well, and where there are opportunities to improve. You can prioritise what actions need to be taken based on your responses to a short set of questions and it also highlights the Club Matters content that can help you improve.

Mentoring – This is a really flexible offer that clubs can use as and when they need guidance from others that have a more business focused background. There’s nothing better than having someone to bounce ideas off when you’re trying something new!

A-Z Resource Library – Whether you’re looking for something specific or have time to browse through the categories, this A – Z resource contains all of the downloadable Club Matters content in one place, helping you easily access the templates and guides within a few clicks.

As well as the refresher of the resources on offer, listening to the questions raised by others on the call made me aware of what other clubs were focussing on, and I learnt from their different approaches. If you fancy joining a webinar in the future, there is one every month and I found it a really helpful hour which has allowed me to make the most of all the resources Club Matters has on offer.

A top tip from me would be to book on and arrange for a group of your club volunteers/committee members to attend together and discuss how to use the website afterwards while it is still fresh in your minds. If there’s a group, you also don’t miss anything – even if you do have to pop to the toilet halfway through like I did! 🙂

All in all, it was a very good use of my time, I learnt plenty and would recommend it to you whether you’re new to Club Matters or have been using the site for a while – there’s bound to be parts of it you haven’t seen yet!