Learn more about Club Matters

Club Matters host monthly webinars which are open to sports clubs who want to learn more about the support and resources available to them. The webinars take clubs on a guided tour of the Club Matters website showing support on how to use the online resources available.

The session includes;

  • Exploring the online content available that covers finance, management, people and marketing
  • Where to find more information about Clubmark
  • Club Matters online modules available
  • Using the Club Improvement Tool to find areas where your club is performing well along with areas for improvement
  • Using the Club Views tool to gather feedback from your members
  • Applying for a Club Matters mentor and details on attending workshops

If you are keen to find out more about how Club Matters can help your club, why not join one of our monthly webinars? All you have to do is login and sign-up using the button below. The next webinars are due to take place on 6th November and 1st December.

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