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Hi! My name’s Jodie and this is the third instalment of my Club Matters blog! I’m writing it with the aim of, over time, sharing some of the best bits of the Club Matters site with you.. Club Matters has allowed me to help my club succeed...


Recently, I attended a Club Matters workshop which was being held locally to me at Warwick University by my local CSP and a bowling colleague of mine. The aim of the event was to improve our knowledge of Marketing and give us some practical techniques to help us market our clubs!

I enrolled in the workshop via the Club Matters site and found reserving my place very easy to do. You even get a reminder of the date and venue automatically by email so there’s no forgetting where you have to be and when!

On the day of the session it was great to see so many people had taken time out of their day to go to the course - there were around 20 local clubs at my workshop. There’s a definite need for this type of development at club level and so the more workshops that take place around the country the better in my opinion.


Bowls PhotoThe 2 hour session flew by. Our trainer was excellent; he came from a Judo background and had a really good knowledge about both Marketing and Sports Clubs. It wasn’t like he was trying to tell us about corporate marketing techniques that had no place in community sports clubs. The ideas and strategies he shared were certainly worth considering and putting into practice and there were some very simple and cheap actions that every club could do to make a big difference almost overnight.



As a club, we took on board a lot of the ideas and have put some in place already – lots are based around engaging the community and understanding who our target audience are. At county level we also had a great success when Sky Sports’ Sportswoman show used Crown Green Bowls for a story as part of Sportswoman Week. We had a journalist and cameraman join us at one of our Ladies County matches which was then aired nationally. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing how many new bowlers we may have attracted to the Sport by this coverage however the buzz on Social Media and within the ‘bowling fraternity’ was huge.

One thing we didn’t do after the marketing workshop was to meet up a few months later and discuss what ideas we had put into place at our clubs and how successful they have been. I think it’s just as important to learn from the people around you as from the trainer themselves when you go to one of these type of events and this would have been a great way to refresh again and try something else that others have had success with. So I recommend that you plan in a meet up about 8 weeks after the course with some of the other attendees and find out what has been working (or not working!) for them.
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You can view all of the workshops currently available via the workshop page after you have logged in, don’t be disheartened if there isn’t a workshop scheduled in your area though, you can request to organise a workshop locally if you have enough people to attend – check out the workshop page on the website for more information.

Happy Learning!


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