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Hi! My name’s Jodie and this is the fourth instalment of my Club Matters blog! I’m writing it with the aim of, over time, sharing some of the best bits of the Club Matters site with you.. Club Matters has allowed me to help my club succeed...

Wow, it’s been a year since the new ClubMatters site launched – and what a year it has been…

As I’ve mentioned before, I stumbled across the Club Matters site while I was researching the current Clubmark criteria for my bowls club’s application – a very happy stumble it was too!

One year on and Club Matters and I have both come a long way – this time last year I never thought when downloading the Clubmark criteria for the first time, 12 months later I would be on my 4th Club Matters blog instalment!

Over the last year we have seen a lot of changes and updates to the support on offer from Club Matters and each month it just keeps getting better and better, as I am sure you’ll agree. However just in case you have missed anything over the last year, here are some of my personal highlights from Club Matters which I have found most useful to the development of my club

The first one I want to mention is Workshops. There have been over 100 Workshops run by Club Matters so far, and this number keeps increasing. By day I’m an learning and development professional and I am a massive advocate for developing people at all levels - especially volunteers. I attended a Marketing workshop and found it a brilliant use of my time – not only did I learn some new tips and tricks but I was also able to meet and network with clubs in my area. If you haven’t been on a workshop yet, why not make it your New Year’s resolution to find your nearest session and sign up? I can guarantee it will be well worth your time.

Another great resource that has been invaluable to our club is the availability of the online modules. We’re all busy people and these short modules are a must if you need direction but don’t have the opportunity to attend a workshop. I’ve pointed fellow committee members and bowlers alike in the direction of the modules and all have given me positive comments about their experiences.

If you are new to the site (where have you been?!) and are looking for the best place to start your Club Matters journey, then make sure that you not only browse the Get Started pages but register to create a profile. Once you’ve registered you will be able to navigate the site fully and make the most of all the resources on offer. Don’t miss out on joining a webinar and also working through the Club Improvement Tool. Both are great starting points.

So whether you’ve stumbled across the site like I did or been pointed in the right direction by your NGB or CSP partner, it’s great that you’ve taken the time to stop by and browse some of the fantastic free resources available to help your club go from strength to strength. I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing the Club Matters team a very Happy 1st Birthday… I for one will definitely be sticking around for many more!

And for those of you wondering if our Clubmark application was successful?? Find out in my next blog post 😉


Click here to find out more about Jodie's club, Ye Olde Knowle Bowling Club.

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