Oakley Bowling Club recognised as a safe and rewarding club

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Oakley Bowling Club recognised as a safe and rewarding club

Oakley Bowling

Oakley Bowling Club have been celebrating their recent Clubmark accreditation from their fantastic club house found on the picturesque North Hampshire Downs.

The Club worked alongside Harry Stow from Energise Me, as their Clubmark Assessor, to achieve Clubmark accreditation through Sport England’s online portal.

“Clubmark - Position your club as a quality provider of your sport”

Harry Stow, Clubmark Assessor – Energise me

For Oakley Bowling club, gaining Clubmark status:

  • Evidences that their club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for all participants / members involved
  • Helped the committee ensure all the policies and procedures are in place to maintain the smooth running of their club.

Hear what Clubmark means to them, and what advice they would give other clubs thinking of applying for the Clubmark accreditation:

If you have been inspired to start your Clubmark journey, then learn more about Clubmark here and apply today.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Oakley Bowling Club, then check out their website, and keep up to date with their news:

Oakley Bowling Club Website

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