Video - Blackbrook ARFLC deliver essentials for the community

The video starts with a plain dark pink background and the following words appear in the middle of the screen in white text: 
‘Club matters talks to Blackbrook ARLFC about how they are working with the Steve Prescott Foundation to help their local community during lockdown.’
Unidentifiable instrumental music is playing in the background and throughout different sections of the video. The video is subtitled throughout. 
The shot changes to a man sitting in a room with white walls. He is wearing a blue sweatshirt. Behind him on the wall is a framed blue and white striped rugby shirt and two framed photos. Coming into shot on the bottom left corner is the Club Matters logo with the words Craig Lyon, Blackbrook ARLFC Open Age Group Captain, this fades out. 
Craig speaks to the camera: ‘So, when the Government announced that they would isolate over 70’s for a 12-week period, that’s when I was sat and I was thinking well, as a team, as Blackbrook open age team, we have a ready-made network of lots of people. No games to play, no training to do, nowhere to attend. Is there any way we can help the community in the wider area of St Helens and assist them in a way that we can take shopping to them. Take medicines to them and help them out.’
As Craig speaks, the shot changes to the inside of a pub, showing a closeup of a long bar, above the bar are shelves full of glasses and bottles of wine. On the bar are multiple boxes laid out in a row. Various groceries are visible inside and outside of the boxes. Behind the bar is a woman holding a box filled with bread and toilet rolls. Behind her in the distance is another female.   
The shot then changes to another area showing wooden table in the corner with a chair tucked underneath. On the table are various toiletries. 
The shot changes again to the hallway of the pub. In the middle of the picture is a man with short dark hair and a beard. He is wearing a blue t-shirt, shorts, and black gloves. He has bare legs showing various tattoos, he also has tattoos on his right arm. The man is holding a tray filled with foodstuffs ready for delivery. He is smiling in the direction of the camera. In the background there is a staircase, a dark brown door with a sign saying ‘ladies’, dark brown pillar and tables adorned with white tablecloths. 
The shot changes to show a different room. There is a table covered with a white tablecloth, which is completely covered with rows of jars and tins neatly stacked in brand and make order. Behind the table is a man wearing a red jumper, he is wearing a mask and is holding a carton of milk in his right hand and 2 packs of toilet roll in his left. In front of the table is a woman wearing a white scarf, a dark and horizontal striped dress, dark tights, blue gloves and mask. She is holding a box with the words H.Greaves & Son on the front in red letters.
The shot changes to a close up of a white male who is clean shaven with short grey hair. He begins to speak as the Club Matters logo comes into focus and the words Martin Blondel, General Manager, Steve Prescott Foundation appear in the bottom left-hand screen to introduce him.  
Martin says: ‘I watched TV and there was a nurse called Dawn and she couldn't get any supplies and she was distraught. So I phoned up our good supporter Andrew Mikhail from Eccleston Arms and I said you need to turn your public houses into supermarkets. Within nine hours the Eccleston Arms Essential Items was set up and we had 35 volunteers from the Blackbrook Rugby Club all ready and willing to help out with deliveries to people, to NHS staff, elderly and vulnerable people within the borough of St Helens. It was quite remarkable really.’
As Martin speaks the shot changes several times. Firstly, a man with a beard wearing a long blue sleeved sports top, black baseball cap, speaks to a camera in front of him. He is outside the Ecclestone Arms and is standing behind a table, holding a basket filled with food, drinks and teddy bear. On the table is a white box with the words H Greaves and Son in red lettering. 
The shot changes to show him walking across the screen from right to left carrying the basket and box towards a house.
The shot changes again to show the frontage of 2 houses with black front doors which are surrounded by black railing. A male walking from right to left wearing a grey baseball cap, dark sunglasses, dark blue tracksuit, and blue gloves appears. He walks towards one of the doors and rings the bell, leaving a box on the floor. The occupant opens the door and speaks to the man.
The shot then switches back to a close up of Martin Blondel.
The shot changes to the inside of a car. The camera is pointing to the back seat which has a green storage box containing small plastic containers of food. To the right of this is the side of a cardboard box. The camera then pans from showing the back of the inside of the car to the driver, Craig Lyon, who we saw at the beginning of the video. Craig has a pair of sunglasses on top of his head and is wearing a long blue sleeve sports top.
Craig speaks: ‘The reason why we're doing this is making sure people are kept safe, making sure they're protecting the NHS, making sure they don't have to go out making sure we can see our families again soon.’
The shot changes to Craig Lyon outside his car, talking to the camera whilst walking towards a row of terraced houses.
Craig says: ‘At my first drop here now, I've got three fantastic meals that the chef at the Eccleston Arms prepared, ready-made meals. Let's go and drop them off.’  
The shot changes to show a residential street with red brick terraced houses, there is a close up of 2 houses, the one to left has a dark brown door and the one on the right has a green door. Craig is walking from the opposite side of the street towards them. He places a red and white striped box in front of the green door. 
In the background we can hear Martin Blondel speaking: ‘Quite simply they are saving people’s lives. St Helens was rated as one of the highest Boroughs for coronavirus outside of London.’ 
The shot changes to show Martin Blundel talking to the camera, the shot changes several times whilst Martin speaks: ‘So, when the people are going out and queuing up in a queue for an hour, two hours at ASDA or wherever, they’re putting themselves at risk. So by phoning up and making the Ecclestone Arms essential order and Blackbrook guys delivering it, we are saving people from contracting coronavirus.’   
The first shot is of a man, clean shaven with a dark baseball cap and dark t-shirt. He is standing outside a house where the front door is open, an arrow appears on screen pointing at him with the words – Paul Sculthorpe MBE, former St Helens RFC Player. To his right is a man with short grey hair and a beard, wearing a light t shirt holding a brown cardboard box, both are smiling.
The shot changes to a man with a beard and short hair, an arrow appears on screen pointing to him with the words Lee Briers, Former St Helen’s RFC player. He is outside the Halton Haven Hospice where three females wearing uniforms can be seen. They are all holding identical white and blue boxes, and everyone is smiling.
The shot changes to show a male with stubble, wearing a grey flat cap and a red, white, and blue hooded top, he has his left hand doing a thumbs up. An arrow appears to his right with the words Johnny Vegas, Comedy Legend. He is outside a red brick block of flats with windows, there is an elderly female at one of the windows looking out.
The shot changes to show Martin Blondel talking to the camera again.
The shot changes to a clean-shaven male, wearing dark baseball cap, a dark blue t-shirt with light blue spots. Behind him is a white tiled wall and a cooker hood. The Club Matters logo appears on the bottom left-hand side of the screen and the words Tommy Martyn, Former Rugby League International appear. 
Tommy speaks: ‘Blackbrook Rugby League have been absolutely sensational during this lockdown. They give the community a real lift, especially to all those who are vulnerable and have to stay indoors, and for all the NHS workers.’
The shot changes to show a video of Craig Lyon, wearing a blue tracksuit holding a box, he is walking towards the camera which then pans out to show him walking outside the Ecclestone away from the camera. He can be heard saying: ‘The reaction from the community has been absolutely amazing. The feedback we have got is just truly heart-warming. I definitely think that the project we have done has brought the club a lot closer together, and it's also made us think more about the community and how we can help in the future.’
As he speaks, Craig can be seen walking through a black metal gate and up the driveway to a house with a white door with a car parked outside it. He carries the box, places it on the doorstep and then knocks on the door of the house and stands back as the occupant answers the door. Craig then has a short conversation, puts his right arm up in acknowledgement and walks away.
Craig says: ‘I personally feel proud that we took the initial step to put the project in place. I’m proud of everyone that's got involved.’
As Craig continues talking the shot changes back to him sitting in the room where we saw him at the start of the video. 
Craig says: ‘At the end of the day, rugby league is a team sport and we've acted as a team and worked as a team and that's why we've been successful in getting out to everybody.’
The screen fades into a dark pink background with the words: A big thank you to Blackbrook ARFLC and the Steve Prescott Foundation for talking to us! 
The shot transitions to a white background where the Club Matters logo appears in the middle of the screen. The National Lottery logo, Sport England logo and the words also appear. There is a 4 second delay and the video ends.    

Last modified: Thursday, 29 September 2022, 3:04 PM