Using Instagram

Instagram allows users to post photos, videos, and reels. You can create an Instagram account as an individual or as an organisation (business profile) and use it to update those that follow or view your account on news, stories, activities, and events. 

Instagram functions

Posting – Instagram allows you to post photos, videos, and reels. Using relevant hashtags (i.e., #community, #sport etc.) in your captions is an effective tool to increase the reach of your content on Instagram. 

Live videos – Instagram allows the user to start live videos and receive real-time comments and reactions. This is a great way for organisations to host Q&As, respond to real-time questions, or to stream activities, training, events, and competitions.

Sharing – If you see a piece of content which you feel your community and followers would like, you can share it on your story (a 24hr post that appears alongside your name). This can be a form of collaboration which allows you to promote someone else’s content or share your own.

Instagram Business – you can switch your account to a business account to unlock more features, access a resource hub, and a range of other tools. You can also pay to turn your content into ads to help you grow your reach and use Instagram Insights to understand what works best with your followers. 

Instagram Fundraisers – Instagram offers eligible charitable organisations the opportunity to fundraise and collect donations via the platform. 

Get set up

  • Go to the Instagram website or download the Instagram app on your smart phone or device.
  • Sign up using a Facebook account, mobile number, or email address.
  • Once you have created and verified your account, click the ‘+’ icon. From here you can upload or take a video or photo, edit, and post the content you want. For more information on how to create your first post, click here.
  • If you want to upgrade to a business account, click on settings, select account and then switch to professional account. 

Things to consider

  • Ensure your posts are positive and that your followers and comments are monitored.
  • Using hashtags and tag partners in posts to reach a wider audience.
  • Research the pros and cons of personal versus business accounts. Unlike personal accounts, Business accounts cannot be set to private and some features of business accounts are limited to accounts with 10,000 users and above. 
  • You can link Instagram Business, WhatsApp Business and Facebook Page accounts. 
  • You’ll need to check if you’re eligible for Instagram fundraisers and donations and make an application. Be sure to check any terms and fees that might apply. 

Last modified: Thursday, 22 December 2022, 10:24 AM