Using social media

Social media refers to a variety of digital platforms that can help your organisation grow, become sustainable and connect with your people and the wider community. 

Benefits of social media

Using social media can have lots of benefits, these include: 

  • Making it easier to engage and stay connected with your people.
  • Staying connected and visible to lapsed participants and volunteers.  
  • Increasing awareness of your offer, raising interest, and generating new enquiries.
  • Enabling people to connect and interact with each other. 
  • Improving accessibility. Platforms are often built to accommodate the different needs of those using them, so by promoting your offer online you may reach different groups that otherwise may have had communication as a barrier to involvement.
  • Creating a buzz. Posting about an upcoming event or activity can create a level of excitement and increase interest and engagement. 
  • Helping you connect with organisations you want to create relationships with. 
  • Keeping up to date with developments from other local organisations to worldwide news. 

Things to consider

When considering using social media and developing your online presence, it’s important to plan to ensure it’s both safe and effective:

  • Know your target audience so social media can be used effectively.
  • Pick the platform(s) that align best with your audience and the type of content you’re looking to put on them. 
  • Give responsibility to selected, trusted people to manage and control your accounts.  
  • Online safety is important, being aware of safeguarding concerns including cyberbullying, abuse, offensive comments, exposure to inappropriate content and child protection online is essential. See the CPSU Online Safety page.
  • Develop a social media policy: see here for guidance Using Social Media Safely page.
  • Respect people’s privacy and get consent to use images. 
  • Not all members will have Wi-Fi connections or be able to use digital devices so be mindful not to solely rely on social media to communicate with people. 

What social platforms should you use? 

There are a wide range of social media platforms available. Each have their own unique features and benefits. It’s important to consider each platform and work out if and how they can help you meet your goals. 

The resources referred to in this section explore some of the most popular social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok and provides links to further information.

Last modified: Thursday, 22 December 2022, 12:59 PM