Club Natters

We launched our Club Natters podcast series back in March and hope it will be an engaging way to keep up to date with all our latest updates. What’s more, you can listen to it in your car, on your commute or in the comfort of your own home.

For each episode, we’ll be inviting an industry expert to come and discuss a chosen topic in our central London studio. We will also be welcoming clubs to discuss the theme from their perspective on the ground. Have a listen to our podcasts below and let us know if there’s anything you would like us to discuss in Club Natters!E

Episode 8

Our latest Club Natters podcast explores LGBT+ participation in clubs and discusses the key insight around barriers, enablers and top tips around what you can do to increase participation. Joining us this time is Jamie Hooper (Senior Equality and Diversity Manager at Sport England), Lou Englefield (Director at Pride Sports) and Tom Oliver (Project Officer at Living Sport).

This podcast is split into three easily digestible parts that are perfect for lunch breaks and commutes!

Episode 7

Our latest Club Natters podcast gets under the skin of what makes a great volunteer experience and provides tips on how you can embed these in your organisations. We hear from Shaun Delaney at the National Council for Volunteer Organisations (NCVO), Claire Colman from Swim England and Rachael Bayley at Ramblers UK.

Episode 6

Our sixth podcast takes a deep-dive into how to increase disabled people’s participation throughout grassroots clubs. New research released by Activity Alliance highlighted a demand for greater training in delivering activities to disabled people. With almost 20% of the population a disabled person or person with a long-term health condition, Club Matters wants to help support your organisation to ensure that your offer is appealing, welcoming and accommodating for all. Providing inclusive participation and volunteering opportunities is an important consideration for all clubs and organisations. There are lots of things to be considered so we are lucky to have a range of experts from a variety of sports and backgrounds on the podcast.

Episode 5

Our fifth podcast covers the topic of attracting women and girls to your sports club. Our hosts, Robyn and Glenn, open the podcast by speaking to Lisa O’Keefe, Director of Insight at Sport England, about the latest This Girl Can campaign and what it can teach organisations about getting women through the doors. Jane Ashworth OBE, StreetGames’ CEO, also joins us to talk about how to engage with teenage girls, particularly those from low-income families. Finally, footballing legend Rachel Yankey gets on the phone to talk about the growth of girls’ football clubs and what clubs and organisations can learn from the rise of women’s football.

Episode 4

Our fourth podcast focusses on the important topic of Safeguarding Adults. If your club has regular contact with the public, you have a crucial role to play in the support, identification and reporting of adults who may be at risk of harm. Getting this right in your club will ensure safe access for everyone.

Our illustrious hosts are joined in the studio by Nicola from the Ann Craft Trust, who explains more about Safeguarding Adults, how your club can get it right and Safeguarding Adults week (19th -25th November 2018)

Episode 3
The third episode of Club Natters focuses on financial matters, specifically fundraising and managing money once you have raised it. Special guest Dave Boyle helps guide us through the key elements of fundraising: what they entail, what impacts they make and how you can make the most of them. We also sat down with England Rugby star James Haskell to chat about his experiences with grassroot sports. Finally, we discuss some of the biggest challenges small clubs face.

Episode 2
Our second podcast focuses on the importance of volunteers, attracting and retaining those who play such a core role in sports clubs. We also had a chat with Ian Bell who spoke about how useful volunteers were to his success, as well as his future plans in cricket following his retirement. Finally, we cover the tricky subject of promoting minority sports and give our top tips on how to tackle this subject.

Episode 1
We start by speaking to a legal expert about new GDPR regulations (3’03), before catching up with Olympic champions, Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh (12’52). We then hear about the benefits of Clubmark from two thriving table tennis clubs (25’05), and finish up with ‘Ask A Club’, our new feature where you can help a fellow club (29’21).

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