Why use it?

We’ve previously mentioned that over 60% of the UK public uses social media. Using social media is the best platform for promoting your club and for encouraging on-going conversation between clubs and team members. Depending on what platform you’re using, you’re able to post text messages as well as images, video, GIFs, and even interactive media.

Combining various forms of multimedia is a great way to attract new, as well as returning, audiences and for telling stories in engaging and exciting ways. Social media also enables clubs to interact with others in live time, and even get in touch with larger organisations and public figures.

In terms of connectivity, using social media can help boost your club page interaction numbers, as well as any other social media pages that you choose to link to one another. Frequently uploading content from your club keeps all stakeholders in the loop without any formal meets. Boosting your media coverage by staying active on various social media platforms can help your club raise its profile in your area or even nationally, support any fundraising goals you may be wishing to fulfil, and advertise any activities or events that you may have on.

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