Start a club

Are you looking to set up a new sports club or thinking of turning your current recreational club into something more formal?


Get the basics in place

There's a lot to think about before formally starting up a sports club, which is why we've created a checklist of key questions you should ask yourself. Log-in to download this checklist or work through it below. If you want more guidance on an area, click on the pink icon on the right hand side.  You can also access our four 'Start a club' sections using the buttons at the bottom of the page. 

Start a club checklist

1. Have you checked if there's already a similar club in your area?
2. Do you know if there is the demand for a new sports club?
3. Are you clear about what you want to achieve with the club?
4. Do you have enough volunteers and coaches to help you?
5. Do you have a set of rules for your new club?
6. How will you look after the health and safety of your volunteers and members?
7. Do you have the relevant health, safety and welfare documents in place?
8. Have you thought about how your club will be structured?
9. Do you have access to the facilities you need?
10. Do you have ideas for funding your club?
11. Do you have a robust budget and plan to manage your funds?
12. Have you thought about how you'll promote your club?
13. Do you know what your potential members want from your club?
14. Do you know where else to go for help?



If you can tick yes to all the questions above, it sounds like you're ready to set-up your club! Next steps include looking at affiliating your club to a National Governing Body, forming your committee and holding your first official club meeting. It's also worth exploring our Clubmark section, to find out what a gold standard sports club looks like and what you can be aiming for.