new sports club

Start a club

Before you start

 Below are some things to consider before starting up a new sports club:

Have you checked whether there is a similar club already up and running in your local area?

It's a good idea to thoroughly research clubs in your area to check whether any already exist. If so, you might consider joining forces and starting a new team or group if there is one out there that does not offer the opportunities (e.g. age group, gender or ability) that you are looking to cater for. To find local clubs places to start include:

Is there the demand to set up a new sports club?

Some sports or activities only need a handful of participants to play or compete. Others, particular team sports, may need between 15-25 people to realistically be able to take part each week. Assess what is the demand for your club. You can identify potential members in a number of ways:

  • Ask friends, colleagues or family whether there is demand
  • Start a Facebook group and see how many online “members” (friends) you can attract
  • Organise an open meeting and use the media to publicise it
  • For a junior club, talk to your local schools

When thinking about your potential members and participants it is important to understand their motivations. This will help you set up a club which they want to be part of.

Are you clear about what you want to achieve with the club?

You will need to have a clear vision for your new club- what you want the club to be like in 5 years time? Set out a vision for your club that you believe in and are proud to share with your potential members. Think about what is it you are offering and why people should join your club. Having a clear vision and offer will help you “sell” your new club to potential members and volunteers.

Be sure to consider what your potential members and participants will want from the club and build this into your vision. It's important to make your club welcoming right from the start and show that you will take their wants, needs and feedback into account.

You should start to develop a basic Club Development Plan to help you think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there.

Who do you need to help you run the club?

Whilst one person may be able to run a very small club, it is likely you will need to recruit a few people to form a committee  and help manage the club. Think about the different roles you will need and the different skills required.