Start a club

Facilities and funding

 If you're going to start a new sports club, you will need to know what facilities will you use and how will you fund these?

What facilities do you need to undertake your activities?

Have you thought about where your club will undertake its activities and where you can meet to socialise or have meetings? Even if you don’t need a facility to undertake your sport, having a venue to meet or socialise (e.g. a coffee shop, pub or village hall) will give your new sports club a home. If you need a venue for your activity good places to start include your:

How is the club going to be funded?

Most clubs start off with initial funds from members but you may need more money to get your club off the ground. There are a number of ways to generate income for your club from fundraising activities, to commercial income, sponsorship and grant funding.

You will also need a budget to get an idea of the money you will need and what you are going to spend it on and keep an eye on your cashflow. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Getting this right when you start will help if your club grows or if you want to apply for external funding.