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Start a club

Raising awareness

 A club will only succeed if people know about it. Below are some tips for raising your new club's profile:

How are you going to raise awareness about your club?

At some point it is likely that you will want to tell people about your club, for example to attract new members or volunteers or to fundraise or attract to sponsors. Social Media is a powerful and often free way to do this. But you can also explore other Marketing Options to promote your club.

What do your members and potential members want from your club?

Successful clubs know what their members (or potential members) want and meet these needs. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. The first step is to ask people what they want from the club. Making sure you are aware of what your people want from the club, will help you deliver an extraordinary club experience for them.

You can break this down into:

Players – what do your playing members want? Do they want to develop and compete at a high level or is it less about ability and more about everyone participating and enjoying the sport? What your players want will influence your programme of sport and what you offer.

Social members – what do people want from the social side of your club? When starting out many members may be new; think about including opportunities to include social activities so people can meet others at the club and make new friends or find others to undertake your sport with.

Volunteers – what do your volunteers want from the club? This could be as simple as being valued and recognised for the work they do. Others may want to try and learn new skills and develop themselves, or use some of their existing skills in a different environment to “give something back”. Asking your volunteers what they want will help to keep them motivated and engaged.

Parents / Carers – if you club has a junior section think about what the parents of members would want. Perhaps a friendly place to watch or socialise or a way all of the family can get involved.

The wider community – Community engagement is pivotal to running an effective and sustainable club. A deeper understanding of your community will help you identify potential new members, volunteers and projects that your club could get involved with; ranging from coaching education programmes to celebrating ethnic diversity in sport.

Where else can I go for help?

There are a number of organisations who can help you to establish and develop a community sports club. Contact them to find out what support they can offer.

Your sport's National Governing Body. Development officers are employed by many governing bodies to help local clubs.

Your County Sports Partnership. CSPs have a number of resources available to support club development.

Your Local Authority. Many local authorities have a sports or leisure team. They may be able to provide development support and help with local grants and using sports facilities locally.