Top tips to engage with more women and girls at your club

To celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8th), we wanted to take this opportunity to discuss how your club can encourage more girls and women into sport and improve engagement with existing members. Following the launch of the This Girl Can campaign, female participation in sport has risen significantly. However, more men still regularly take part in sport than women, with many women believing there are several barriers stopping them from taking part. We want to help you break down these barriers, with some quick and easy tips that can increase the number of female members at your club and further encourage your existing members.

  • Offer sessions that fit with different routines, e.g. before/after work, weekend mornings, later evening after children’s bedtimes
  • Family fun sessions or ways to take part with children.
  • Taster and drop-in sessions which allow women to take part without concerns of over-committing time or money
  • Women-only sessions are particularly important to some communities and need to be delivered appropriately. For example, male staff cannot walk into sessions to repair equipment.
  • ‘Bring a friend’ discounts encourage women to overcome a fear of going alone.
  • Organise ‘Ladies evenings’ and female-only club social events. This gives women and girls the opportunity to meet fellow female club members in a stress-free and fun environment.
  • Offer sessions tailored to different ability levels, especially for beginners, those lacking confidence, as well as for the more advanced.
  • Age-targeted activities (at both ends of spectrum) can appeal to younger and older generations.
  • Provide detailed information, not just the basics on timings and venues, but also what sort of clothing is required, changing facilities available, childcare etc.
  • Face to face recruitment allows women to get immediate reassurance, both from meeting a friendly face and being able to ask questions.
  • Talk to male club members about supporting women in practical ways (domestic chores e.g. childcare and cooking) to free up women’s time as well as offering emotional support and positive encouragement.

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