In this section we have a range of templates available around a variety of roles and responsibilities in clubs. Before downloading them, we recommend reading the below.

One of the greatest barriers to engaging people as club volunteers is the perception that it can be a significant undertaking, often requiring weekly or even greater commitment.  More traditional ‘club roles’, such as coach, chairman or treasurer, often carry significant responsibility and time commitment, and can be less attractive.  

More and more clubs and community organisations are thinking differently about how they fulfil their volunteering needs, by breaking down individual roles into multiple actions and encouraging individuals to take on small, bite-sized jobs as opposed to a single role with multiple tasks.  Completing a skills audit and matrix can be really helpful ways to help you identify and prioritise what tasks you need fulfilling, as well as the skills and resources you require.

Think about how your club can make it easier and more attractive for people to get involved, reducing the barrier of time and commitment, which deters many who would otherwise be willing to give small pockets of time.  Remember, the smaller the ask, the better.

However there will be many volunteers who have more time to give and are happy to take on a more traditional role in its entirety.  To help support the volunteers and be clear on their remit and responsibility, it may be helpful to use a role outline to describe what the role is and where possible, the time commitment expected. And importantly show how the role will make a difference. The templates provided should be adapted as necessary for your club. Be creative with your roles and think about skills rather than jobs.