Wythenshawe Weightlifting focus on improving accessibility

“We hope to make weightlifting more accessible to our community.”

Mike, Wythenshawe Weightlifting Club


Fast facts:

Club: Wythenshawe Weightlifting Club
Sport: Weightlifting
Name: Mike Harris


A bit about the club:

Wythenshawe Weightlifting club has been around for 50 years and we are very proud of our history, with previous members going to the Olympics – we pride ourselves on being a weightlifting centre of excellence. Currently, we have a wide mixture of members both male and female at a variety of ages from 10 years old to the more mature member! Our aim is to inspire the next generation of commonwealth and Olympic athletes.

Where did you hear about Club Matters?

We have just set up a partnership with the running club who train next to our club house, so we can use their facilities in the summer and vice versa. They have been using the Club Matters resources for a while so we thought we would have a look at how they can help us. We’d also been shown them by our Development Officer at British Weightlifting, Andy.

What are you focusing on in your club development?

At the moment, the unit we train in is very small so we’re looking at making this bigger. We want to be able to offer a wider range of facilities, but to do this we need to access funding and fundraising to secure the money needed to make our dreams a reality. By doing this we hope to make weightlifting accessible to more people in our community.

What resources have you been looking at from Club Matters?

We have just checked out the Club Matters facilities page which has given us some key areas to think about. Next, we will be working through the getting to grips with funding guidance, as we try to secure funding for our plans and then taking a look at the Finance section. We hope to come back in a few months and give you an update on our progress so watch this space!


Stay tuned to hear how Wythenshawe Weightlifting are progressing with Club Matters – in the meantime check them out here.

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