Turning policy into practice

Policies are written documents that outline an organisation’s commitments, procedures and plans of actions. They may cover things like welfare and safeguarding, constitutions, inclusion and sustainability.

 It’s important to embed policies into your everyday operations to ensure your people know what they cover, understand their importance, behave accordingly, make appropriate decisions, and know how to respond to any issues. In our animation, we explore this topic further and outline considerations for how to turn your policies into practice. These key principles focus on:

  • Embedding and living your policies.
  • Supporting and reinforcing them.
  • Acting and defending on them.

 Watch the animation below, and explore our policies and procedures section for more information.


This video begins with a trio of logos. The Club Matters logo sits in the middle of the white screen, the Sport England and National Lottery Funded Logo below and to the left. Title ‘Club Matters, Policy into practice’ is at the top of the screen. An upbeat backing track plays throughout the video.


The white background clears to reveal a landscape with buildings in the background, a large green park space, a charity building, foodbank and clubhouse. Across the park there are children playing tennis, passing a ball, running across a pitch with a group of spectators watching, people taking a walk, watering flowers and having a picnic, a man cycling, and a woman on a mobility scooter. Above the clubhouse door ‘Welcome’ is written, a notice board with posters on is visible next to it, and the progress flag is flying from the roof. Some people can be seen working at the foodbank and across the grass there are flowers, benches and a general waste and recycling bin. Birds and bees are flying across a clear blue sky.


A male voiceover begins across this opening scene: Organisations can thrive when their policies are understood and reflected in the actions of their people.


The scene changes to show four people sat along a table. The table reads ‘Annual General Meeting’ and has a number of documents titled ‘Policy’ scattered across it. Behind the table sits a committee, which includes a woman in a Hijab, a woman writing on one of the policy documents, and two men, one of which is a wheelchair user wearing a turban.


The voiceover continues: Policies are written documents that outline an organisation’s commitments, procedures, and plans of action. They’re not only good practice but can be a legal requirement.


Another woman enters the screen holding another piece of paper entitled ‘Policy’ which she presents to a female member of the committee. In time with the audio above the words ‘Commitments’, ‘Procedures’, and ‘Plans’ appear in three speech bubbles from three committee members at the table.


The image zooms out to reveal an audience of people sat at the other side of the table. The ten people both male and female, are all dressed differently, have different skin tones, physiques and some have various impairments, disabilities or prosthetics. One of the audience members has her hand raised and a speech bubble, another has a document titled ‘Policy’ in his hand. Throughout the audio below different members raise their hands and speech bubbles appear above them. In time with the list below the following words and symbols appear randomly across the top of the screen in bold white writing: ‘Constitutions’ with a pen and paper symbol, ‘Finance’ with two pound signs on either side of a scale, ‘Conduct’ with a piece of paper, ‘Governance’ with two cogs, ‘Safeguarding’ with a plus sign inside a shield, ‘Inclusion’ with four hands holding each other, and ‘Sustainability’ with the recycling logo alongside it.


The voiceover continues: They may cover things like constitutions, finance, conduct, governance, welfare and safeguarding, inclusion, and sustainability.


This scene fades out and leaves behind a blank blue screen. In time with the audio below, three characters appears below a hexagon showing a graphic. At first, a man with a turban appears, in the hexagon above his head is a document and a magnifying glass which emphasises the title ‘Policy’. Next a man appears with a lightbulb evident in the hexagon above him. And finally, a woman with the outline of a talking head and brain appears in the hexagon.


With the animation above, the audio continues: To have the biggest impact, policies need to be clear, understood, and embedded into day-to-day practices, culture, and operations. This means people know what they cover, understand their importance, positively change their behaviour, influence their decision making, appropriately respond to issues.


As the three figures and symbols disappear from screen, a waste bin and recycling bin appear on screen, with a bag of recyclable rubbish and a plastic bottle on the floor next to them. A woman and a man, a wheelchair user, enter the frame. The man is holding a poster titled ‘Policy’ with a recycling sign evident in the middle of the page. A child then runs on to join them. As the voiceover above continues, the man passes the poster to the woman who sticks it on the wall, the woman then picks up the bag of rubbish and places it in the recycling bin, the man points at the water bottle and the child throws it into the recycling bin.


The scene clears and is replaced by two hands of different skin tone, holding a large piece of paper titled ‘Policies into practice’. In time with the voiceover below, ‘Embed and live’ appears on the paper underneath two hands and a love heart symbol, then ‘Support and reinforce’ appears centrally underneath a hand holding up a piece of paper, and finally ‘Act and defend’ comes onto the right-hand side of the paper underneath a figure holding a shield.


The voiceover continues: Turning your policies into practice requires you to embed and live them, support and reinforce them, act and defend them. Let’s explore these.


The shot zooms into the two hands above ‘Embed and live’ to reveal the opening landscape full of activity. Embed and live becomes a title in bold black letters at the top of the screen. Similar activities are taking places across the park, there are people walking into the clubhouse, a man watering plants, a woman recycling some waste and a man dropping off food to the foodbank.


Over this busy scene, the voiceover says: To embed and live your policies your people all need to understand them and be aware of their importance. The way people act and behave are key to ensuring your policies are being lived out in everyday practices.


The frame then zooms into the clubhouse. The title ‘Embed and live’ remains at the top of the screen but shrinks to the left to uncover the clubhouse roof and progress flag. Two people are stood outside the main doors, below the ‘Welcome’ sign, either side of the noticeboard, with one holding a piece of paper.


The voice over continues: Discuss your policies at events or meetings, share them on your website, social media or on noticeboards, and embed them into induction processes.


In time with the audio above, five windows of the clubhouse become transparent to reveal activity behind each one. The first (bottom left) shows four people gathered around a table with papers on, two of them can be seen shaking hands. The window above (top left) becomes clear to show two people on computers, the Club Matters logo is evident on their screens. The next window (bottom right) then shows two people holding mobile phones, from their phones colourful speech bubble appear, some of which containing the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter logos. The final two, smaller, windows above (top right) reveal two children playing with a ball, and two children high fiving. Alongside this activity, the two people outside by the noticeboard can be seen pinning up a new poster before they too enter the clubhouse through the main front doors.


The voiceover continues: You can support and reinforce your policies by regularly checking people’s understanding, promoting key messages about them, reminding people about them, being clear about how to implement all aspects of them, reviewing and refreshing their contents.


The audio above plays whilst the frame clears, and the large Policies into practice document held by two hands returns to fill the screen. The frame then zooms into the single hand holding the document above the words ‘Support and reinforce’. This then becomes the title written in white letters across a pink jigsaw piece at the bottom of the screen. In time with the audio above, characters enter the screen carrying other jigsaw pieces to add to the puzzle. First, a woman enters carrying an orange piece reading ‘Checking people’s understanding’ which she places directly on top of the title puzzle piece.


A man in a turban, a wheelchair user, then enters the frame holding a blue piece reading ‘Promoting key messages’ which he attaches to the bottom left of the jigsaw. A young boy, with a prosthetic leg, runs on carrying an orange piece saying ‘Reminding people’ on it and attaches it to the bottom right of the puzzle. A woman in a Hijab walks on with a pink jigsaw piece saying ‘Being clear about how to implement all aspects’ which is inserted top left of the puzzle. Finally, a man enters carrying a blue piece saying ‘Reviewing and refreshing their contents’ which completes the rectangular puzzle on screen by placing it top right. The colourful puzzle remains central with all contributing characters surrounding it smiling.


The voiceover continues: It’s important to act on and defend your policies, they’re there to protect everyone.


The images clear and the screen returns to the large Policies into practice document held up by two hands. The frame zooms into the figure holding a shield with ‘Act and defend’ written beneath it.


The audio continues: It’s essential to have the right people in place to oversee and monitor their implementation so that challenges and incidents are addressed properly, everyone’s treated fairly, processes and decision making are clear and transparent, there are written records available to justify your decisions, any sanctions are agreed, reasonable, and clearly communicated.


The screen now shows the edge of a playing pitch outside, a large sign which reads ‘Act and defend’, with the figure holding a shield beneath it. At the edge of the pitch a man and a woman in a hijab are watching on. There are two children on the pitch, one becomes angry and points at the other, the other begins to cry before both adults come on, talk to them and the two children hold hands and appear to be smiling. This scene then freezes as the camera pans out and the frozen image becomes embedded in an orange hexagon at the top left of the screen.


Another hexagon appears centrally the top of the screen, the above voiceover continues alongside this. Three people appear within this hexagon, a man and two women all smiling. A third hexagon appears on the right showing a computer displaying the Club Matters website with the title ‘Policies and processes’ central.


The fourth hexagon appears bottom left on the screen and shows the committee from the earlier scene, with the four individuals sat behind the table with some paperwork in front of them. The final hexagon appears bottom right containing a man and woman. The man has a speech bubble and is holding a piece of paper titled ‘Policy’, the two take it in turns to speak which is evident through speech bubbles. At the end of the audio above, the screen zooms back into the original sign at the side of the pitch saying, ‘Act and defend’ and returns the screen to the Policies into practice document held up by two hands.


The voiceover continues: Remember to embed these practice into your daily operations, support everyone in understanding and using them, reinforce their importance and defend the.


The screen remains on the policy document briefly before sliding away to reveal a blank, orange screen. A clock appears on the right hand-side and the clock hands move quickly round it to signify a day. Alongside the clock in white bold writing, it says ‘Remember to embed these practices into your daily operations.


The graphic on the left then changes to show a hand holding up three different coloured figures. To the right, the text now reads ‘Support everyone in understanding and using them.


The graphic changes once more to show a single figure holding a shield with turning cogs behind it. The text now says ‘Reinforce their importance and defend them.


The voiceover continues: For more information on turning policy into practice, explore the Club Matters website.


Alongside the above audio, the screen clear and on it appears a woman in a hijab, sat at a desk on a computer. The screen zooms in as the computer screen turns around to reveal a website with Policy into practice as the heading, the Club Matters logo to the right, and the policy document with the three symbols and headings ‘Embed and live’, ‘Support and reinforce’, and ‘Act and defend’. The cursor clicks on this document which turns the full screen white.


The Club Matters logo appears centrally at the top of the screen, beneath is the Sport England and National Lottery Funded logos. At the bottom the Club Matters website link is visible ‘www.sportenglandclubmatters.com’ and then the Sport England website ‘www.sportengland.org’.


The music stops. The video ends. 

Last modified: Thursday, 27 July 2023, 1:44 PM